#OOC, alright guys. Jared and I have been busy irl like crazy. He’s been working hella overtime, and the wind and ice storm we got in Indiana knocked my power out for almost three days. These results aren’t our best work, but I wanted to get them up and over with. **********Please, remember, segments help bring the show together as one peice. We didn’t recieve a segment from anyone I believe, and that’s another reason these results are ass. Please try and help out with some segments if possible on the next card. Special thanks to all who helped write a match or two, we love you!***********

::The scene opens inside the IWS Arena as the lights dim and the crowd goes wild with excitement. “Drop Dead Cynical” by Amaranthe, the IWS Ground Zero theme song starts to play. The camera pans around the arena in various shots to show a “packed house” of just under 1500 fans, from small children to older adults. A small, beautiful pyro display goes off above the ring and a few shoot off the from the stage with a three foot drop and small ramp. The single black curtain bearing the IWS logo hang below the single large tron. The camera shoots to ring-side to the announce duo of Bob Eisen and Wilma Cooks on color commentary.::

BE: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host, Bob Eisen, alongside here with my collegue, the beautiful Ms Wilma Cooks!

WC:I don’t know about you being the host, but however, thank you Bob for the completment, you are looking pretty good yours… I uhh… I like your shirt.

BE: Thanks doll, the wife picked this one out. Anyways, welcome to the 8th installment of Ground Zero, presented by Indianapolis Wrestling Syndicate. The weather has been awful this past week, so I know everyone backstage is panicking trying to get everything in order. There combination of wind and freezing rain had trees all across Indiana collapsing, I’ve never seen anything like it!

::“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold starts spraying from the speakers.  As Wyatt Dupree, the other half of the IWS ownership, steps out from behind the curtains. He waves to the crowd with a smile as he makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring. He is given a microphone, he brings it up to his lips and begins to speak.

WD: First things first, I would like to think each and everyone of you who ended up leaving their house in this awful weather, and coming to see the show we are about to put on for you. However, I have some good news, and some bad news. The bad news? Our second match of the night as set to be a singles match between James Remy and Gemma Woods, both were set to make their IWS apperance. However, as we all know, the weather has been so awful, that they were unable to catch a flight here to Indianapolis, therefore their match will be rescheduled to a later time. Now, the good news? My fellow co-owner, Mr. Lonnie “Camshaft” Varlowe, sadly, will not be able to make it here tonight.

::A wave of cheers comes from the audience, as almost everyone is sick of Lonnies shit at this point::

WD: I’m guessing since Creed isn’t on the card this evening, he figured Creed wouldn’t show up, so no reason for Lonnie to show up I suppose? But anyways, I hope you all enjoy yourselves this evening, so enough of the small talk, let’s get the action started!!

BE: Wyatt Dupree really is one you look at and think he’s got the right mind on his head. He looks like a business owner, and im damn proud he is my boss!

WC: Wow, suck up much Bob? However, Wyatt is a fuckin stud, and I wouldn’t mind f***ing my way up to the top if you know what I mean…

BE: Jesus Christ Wilma, there are kids listening. Uhm… let’s cut to a commercial break before we get taken off the public broadcast channel for lewd comments…

Kasey Summers vs ??? Open Challenge

::Coming back from commercial break, we find IWS Womens Champion, Kasey Summers already inside of the ring. She is pacing around the ring, waiting to who, or if anyone would show up to fight her during this open challenge. The lights go out, as “Sky’s the Limit ft CFO$” starts to play through the sound system. Kasey Summers rolls her eyes, as this is the third time Latoya is attempting to knock off the champ. Latoya makes her way down the ramp, as Kasey grabs a microphone.::

Kasey: “Listen, I’ve told you how many times now, you will never, ever, ever get your hands on MY championship. Yet, week in and week out, here you trot out from behind that curtain. How many times do I have to kick your ass to get through the thick skull of yours? After this match, you will won’t ever be getting another opportunity at my title for the foreseeable future. There are too many women back in that locker room who are just overall better in every asepect than you. So let’s hurry up and get this shit over with.”

BE: Wow! Harsh words from the champ Wilma.

WC: Well, I mean she has a point. How many times does this dog need kicked down for it to tuck tail and give a go at a different opportunity?

Kasey and Latoya lock eyes in the center of the ring. The referee waits a moment, seeing if any other female backstage would be accepting Kaseys open challenge. After a minute or so, the referee signals for the bell.


Latoya charges first, but Kasey slides out of the way. She grabs Latoya from behind and delivers a suplex, with Latoya landing hard on her back. Latoya quickly makes it back to her feet though.

Out of nowhere, the lights go out in the arena, as music begins to play throughout the speakers. Latoya looks confused, as she turns around and faces the curtain entrance, waiting to see who is coming out. Little does she know this is actually Kasey’s theme song. Kasey sets up, as the music turns off and the lights turn back on. Just as Latoya turns around, she is met with a
SF2 Turbo, knocking Latoya off her feet and straight to the ground. Kasey gets down in Latoya’s face and talks some trash, letting Latoya know just how Kasey feels about her. Latoya doesn’t even budge though, as she is out cold. To make matters worse, Kasey simply places her boot on the chest of Latoya, and demands the referee start the count.


BE: Well, not much of a surprise here, as Latoya now adds another loss to Kasey Summers. Kasey really is a wrecking force, but Latoya can’t seem to grasp that.

WC: Yeah, I’m not sure why she still thinks she can be Kasey, but I guess any given Sunday something miraculous could happen…

Kasey grabs her belt from the referee, then begins making her wait out of the ring, but stops for a moment. Latoya is now rolling around on the mat, finally starting to come back from being knocked out. Kasey grabs her title, and begins slamming it downward, right to the head of Latoya. Kasey mounts on top of Latoya, and begins hammering down with punches and elbows, as blood starts running from the face of Latoya. Referee Clayton Hirks tries to get Kasey off of Latoya, but Kasey is having none of it, as she continues the assault. She acts as if she is done, as she holds her hands up in the air. Right as Hirks goes to check on Latoya, Kasey comes back, as she begins stomping out Latoya, as her face is now covered in blood. IWS security sprints from the back and down the ramp, where they struggle to pull Kasey off of Latoya. It takes five grown men to get Kasey off as Latoya, as she begin escorting her to the back. Kasey has an evil grin on her face, as IWS heads to a commercial break…

Match 3: Razor Blade vs Jason Cashe(Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere)

We come back from commercial break, where we find Paul Newman and Razorblade in the ring…

PAUL NEWMAN: “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Advoca–”

“ATLiens” begins to play cutting the Paul Newman and him along with Razor Blade already in the ring snap their heads to the entrance ramp as Jason Cashe steps out from the back. He has a microphone in hand and is dressed to compete in this upcoming Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification match.

JC: “Can we please NOT do this right now?

Coming off a few losses, Jason Cashe didn’t look happy as he slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. His music fades and cuts off.

JC: “Newman, I’m going to need you to leave the ring now because that big fella right there next to you is about to get a dose of reality. Reality that he isn’t the “beast” he thinks he is. Reality that this company does NOT support him as any big thing and he sure as shit isn’t going to be lined up for any Title matches again because UNLESS there is a need for a WALKTHROUGH challenger, Razor Blade just doesn’t fit the bill of an actual threat. To ANYBODY!”

Both Newman and Razor Blade become enraged. Blade was charging the ropes as Cashe makes it to ringside.

JC: “Big boy you can charge the ropes or exit the ring and get some before introductions are made and the result will remain the same. I lost to Manchester which NOBODY can show me where that actually happened! I just lost a Title opportunity in Seattle and right now I’m not too happy about it.”

Climbing up the steel stairs, Cashe gets on the apron and walks down it before resting his arms over the top rope.

NEWMAN: “You WILL be taken to SUPL–”

JC: “Duplex City! Let’s not get sued okay? Let’s not borrow any catchphrases and gimmick infringement lawsuits because neither of you are paid enough to cover the cost of the shoes that would need to be bought for court hearings. Much less the lawyers and fees. Tell you what? You tell your client or give that big bitch the mic so he can say a few words but I’m about to enter this ring and once inside.. The talking stops. I suggest you make your way through the ropes now..”

Dropping the microphone, it hits the apron and rolls off to ringside as Jason Cashe dips down and enters the ring. Paul Newman points and screams at Razor Blade to attack as he hurries to leave the ring and avoid any contact himself. Razor does as instructed and plows into Cashe like a boulder slamming into the side of a car in a rock slide. Blade rips Cashe into the ring and wraps his arms around the back of his waist. Lifting, Cashe is sent back with a HUGE German Suplex. Razor Blade rolls and lifts Cashe again to his feet, still holding the position. He goes to suplex Cashe again but the “DiOGee” throws back elbows and stuns Razor Blade the more he lands. Breaking free of the vanilla gorilla’s grasp, Cashe spins around and BLASTS Razor Blade with a heavy loaded left Elbow shot. In combination to that he throws a right overhead hook, then a his jab comes into play. One, two, three snaps that hit Razor Blade and stumble the big man into a slight wobble. Like a big bear Razor Blade throws a wide and slow right hook, Cashe ducks it like he had Matrix speed, drops down behind Razor and yanks the big man’s shorts down.

Falling back and scooting away, Cashe was disturbed as Razor Blade scrambled to grab hold of his shorts. He couldn’t grab them with the thick gloves he had on but he was wearing no underwear. The audience was laughing at the “beast” and now Cashe was as well as Razor Blade had no hair in his groin area. The crowd started a terrible chant..


Rolling out of the ring, Cashe couldn’t contain his laughter. He was holding his stomach as his eyes closed from laughing so hard. Paul Newman hurries inside the ring and drops to his knees in front of Razor as he tries to pull his shorts up for him. The position and angle didn’t look good as the crowd began to laugh even more!


The crowd chants louder. As his shorts begin to sit fitted around his waist again, Razor helps Newman to his feet and Jason Cashe slides back into the ring. As he rises, he pounds into Razor’s back with a clubbing forearm but it does nothing to the much bigger man. Cashe spins him around and blasts him with a right hand but the “beast” was red shaded angry. Cashe throws another right but Razor Blade shrugs it off and roars forward with a headbutt to Cashe’s face that drops the “DiOGee”. In a hurry Cashe pops back to his feet but Razor Blade instantly grabs hold of Cashe and lifts him in a Gorilla Press.

In gorilla press fashion, Razor Blade turns in a circle with Cashe pressed high above him. To show the crowd who has since stopped laughing and started watching silently. Blade steps into a rush towards the ropes and launches Jason Cashe over the ropes. Cashe flies not just to the ringside floors but over the guardrails and into the front row of the live audience. The few people Cashe land on flip back in their chairs with him and it looks like someone let off some dynamite in the front row. Fans gasped, cheered, clapped, it was a sight to see as the replay would show a few times over. Cashe’s arms and legs flopping around as he is thrown from the ring to the crowd like he weighed next to nothing. You can hear Paul Newman at ringside screaming instructions to his client.


Razor Blade does so and exits the ring after his opponent. Reaching into the crowd at Cashe, Razor plucks Cashe from the crash site and lifts him up and across his shoulders. Now both of them at the ringside area, Blade swings Cashe and hits his “Razor F5” Finisher but Cashe lands HARD stomach first across the guardrailing and groans out in pain. Razor pulls Cashe off and lets him hit the floor before dropping down to the make the cover at ringside.

1.. 2.. Thre–KICKOUT!

Blade’s eyes are wide as he sits on his knees shocked that Cashe kicked out. Paul Newman was shocked. The crowd, ehh not so much. Razor Blade growls as he rises and yanks Cashe up with him. Again, he lifts Cashe up and across his shoulders to hit another finisher but as he lifts and swings Cashe around, Cashe drops down behind Razor Blade, Cashe stands then jumps and hits a Neckbreaker but Razor doesn’t fall with him and Cashe slaps down onto his own back. The fans had a good chuckle at that as well.

Paul Newman is closer to the action and directs Razor to get him once again. As Razor pulls Cashe up, he for a THIRD time goes for his “Razor F5” but yet again Cashe slips off to the back, this time, snatching Razor’s arms up in a reverse double hook and snaps the big man back with a struggling Tiger Suplex. It took alot of strength for Cashe to hit the move and he seemed drained as he gets to his feet and wobbles, stumbles about. Paul Newman begins to yell at Cashe, get in his face and for his troubles, Jason Cashe shoves him back before leaping up with a Superman Elbow to Newman’s face. Newman hits the ground like a snow angel. Cashe leaning on his side to the ring apron doesn’t see Razor Blade in time as the big man rushes in with a shoulder charge. Cashe is slammed between a rock and a hard place as the ring apron was on one side and Razor’s weight was the other.

Razor launches Cashe with a hip toss. Cashe arches his back in pain as he lands to the ringside floor but still pushes up to rise. Razor steps in to continue his assault but Cashe slides into position and grabs Razor up looking for his “CasheVille” Uranage Slam but Razor strengthens out and shoves Cashe off him. As Cashe gets pushed away, he snaps back at Razor and begins to swing wildly and rapidly at the big man, overwhelming him with shots at different angles. Cashe grabs Razor’s arm and whips the big man shoulder first into the steel stairs. The noise echoing throughout the arena as Razor sat slumped down at the stair’s side. Cashe rushes in, flips over and hits a Cannonball Senton into Razor Blade. Both men laid in a mess at ringside.

Paul Newman was up again though and as if remembering it was a No DQ match, he gets to his hands and knees and begins searching under the ring for weapons. A chair, some cable wires for the ring construction, a few turnbuckle pad replacements just in case things needed repair on site. Newman was dragging it out from under the ring and putting it scattered about around him. Jason Cashe gets to his feet as Newman pulls out something that brings a smile to his face. A cinderblock. As he uses both hands to lift it, Cashe steps down onto it’s surface and Newman’s smile disappears as he looks up to see Cashe looking down at him.

Newman lets go and hurries to get away but doesn’t. Cashe push kicks him and tumbles him over to his side. Picking up the steel chair that Newman had found, Cashe now had a weapon in hand and Paul Newman started to beg for mercy. The crowd tried to warn Cashe as Razor Blade and his heavy breathing and sweat dripping self got to his feet but just as Razor got his first foot forward, Cashe spun around and clobbers Razor Blade with the Steel Chair and that CLINK really CLACKS throughout the area as the big “beast” bitch tilts before falling over onto the floors once again.

Growing a pair it seems. Paul Newman got up and tried to hit Cashe from behind with.. A turnbuckle pad. One of the replacement parts. Cashe turned towards Newman confused as to why he selected that to hit him with but he didn’t ask. Newman went back to begging but that didn’t matter either as Cashe pulled Newman in close, slides an arm across his chest and lifts him before slamming him down HARD over the cinder block with his Uranage Slam he calls “CasheVIlle!” The crowd goes wild as the brick breaks beneath Newman and the “advocate” screams without sound cause it hurt so bad.

Newman rolls off the remains of the cinder block and Cashe sees a good chuck, almost the size of a brick among the rubble. As he bends down to pick it up, Razor Blade clubs him to his back. Razor regaining the upper hand still only knows two moves so he grabs Cashe from behind and looks for his “Duplex City” as Cashe had called it. As he lifts Cashe for the first german, Cashe has the brick with him and he pelts Razor to the face with it. Razor releases Cashe, Cashe drops to his knees but rockets to his feet. Razor groggily steps to his side a few times, trying to keep his balance as Cashe launches at him, connecting the brick to his jawline! The brick shatters as Razor Blade crumbles to the ringside floor. Cashe trips over Blade’s body but scrambles to get up.

Paul Newman sitting with his back to the ring apron is watching in horror as his client is down but not out as Razor dazed and seeing stars is still trying to sit up. Instant swelling and color change appears across his jaw with the brick connected but he was trying to get up. Cashe falls back into the corner of the ringside guardrailing, watching as Razor Blade fights to get up. As the big man pushes to his side and then up to a knee, Cashe nods and stands tall. As Razor rises to his feet, Cashe rushes in and hits a “Mark Of JASON” Superman Elbow and Razor Blade twists in body and drops to a knee once again.

Drips of sweat fall from Razor’s face as he inhales and exhales deep breaths. Cashe moves away some putting the steel stairs between him and Razor. As the “beast” slowly pushes to his feet, Cashe jogs, jumps onto the steel stairs and leaps past Razor, snatching his head as he passes and hits his “UTI” Jumping Neckbreaker, Razor Blade slaps down into the floor again. Cashe crawls back to him and makes the cover.

1.. 2… THREE!!

Tougher than he wanted it to be but with size and strength, Razor Blade had at least shown up even in defeat. Jason Cashe stands to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory! Before any celebrating can be seen, Cashe is attacked from behind by a running from the ramp, Derek Manchester. Payback for the visits to his hometown, for the interactions Cashe had with Derek’s son or watching his children’s school bus. Manchester was furious and showing it as he stomped into Cashe with everything he had.

Trying to fight back, Cashe threw a punch but it was sloppy. Manchester bullied through it and ran Cashe into the ring post head first. Cashe was bleeding now, trying to get away as Manchester took after him. Holding his hands out in protest, Cashe was defenseless as Manchester stood over him. Cashe hurried to grab Derek’s waistline and pull, sending Derek Manchester tumbling over. Cashe got up as did Manchester and Cashe flips into a run trying to hit a running Cannonball on a standing Derek Manchester but it was sidestepped and Cashe crashes hard onto his back. Easy pickings now as Manchester sets up and hits “River City Rocker” on Jason Cashe!

Leaving ringside just as security and EMTs come down to handle the entire situation.


Match 4: Wallace Barr vs Brian Larsen


::The lights dim slowly as “Beat It” begins to play. A lone spotlight nears the curtain as Wallace comes out and does a little dance down the aisle. He then runs around the ring twice, slapping hands with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope, heads to the corner, and bounces around waiting for the bell.::


BE: This next match will be interesting.

WC: Larsen is going to destroy another person to make his point to Manchester

:: Kountry Gentleman starts to blare over the PA speakers as Brian Larsen makes his way out from the back. No frill just determined look as the music plays, and a quick march to the ring. ::

WC: He looks pissed

BE: Wallace will have his hands full.


:: Wallace charges at Larsen as the bell sounds. Barr tackles Brian sending him to the ground. Barr gets to his feet and lays boots into Brian raining them down. Larsen tries to force himself to his feet. Barr comes down on his back with a double Axe Handle blow. Wallace picks up Larsen by the back of the head. He then nails him with a ddt and goes for a quick cover. ::




WC: Kickout!


:: Larsen kicks out just in time. ::


BE: Wallace is bringing the fight to Brian.

WC: It’s his only chance. If Larsen gets going he might kill this man.


:: Wallace floats over from the pin and places Larsen in a chicken wing crossface. Larsen lets out a primal scream of pain. Barr continues to wrench on Brian as hard as he can. Brian reaches out for the bottom rope. Wallace rolls Larsen over into the middle of the ring wrenches the hold onto the veteran. Larsen continues to fights through the obvious pain that is wrenched on his face. ::


BE: Wallace is trying to end this before it gets started.

WC: I will admit his tenacity is amazing.


::Larsen kicks the ground in pain a few times. Larsen then gets his feet under him and he gets to a knee and rolls forward placing Wallace in a weird pinning predicament. Barr quickly lets go of the hold breaking the pin before the ref can get into position. Wallace and Larsen both quickly get to there feet. The two men lock up in the middle of the ring and Larsen is able to back Wallace into a corner. He then drops and starts to drive his shoulder into Barr’s midsection over and over. Larsen stops after a number of shoulder thrusts. Larsen then delivers a chop bringing a loud Wooo from the crowd. After a few more chops Barr flips Larsen around and delivers a few chops of his own. He then charges the corner as Larsen slips away. Wallace goes chest first into the turnbuckle he turns around and catches a kick from Larsen in the gut. Larsen then nails Wallace with a tbone overhead suplex. ::



WC: Here comes Larsen

BE: Wallace still has a lot left in the tank this is going to be a real battle.


:: Larsen makes his way over to Wallace and starts to pick him up but gets suprised by Wallace who goes for a flash small package. ::





WC: Kickout!!

BE: Larsen just beat the count there.

:: Brian pounds the mat in frustration as Wallace gets to his feet. Larsen turns around and catches a boot ment for his midsection. Larsen takes the leg and delivers a dragon screw leg takedown. Larsen is quick to his feet and starts to place Wallace into a Boston Crab. Wallace uses his leg strength though to flip Larsen over and onto his back. Both men get to there feet and stare at each other from across the ring. ::


WC: Things are about to explode.

BE: Neither man can gain a clear advantage.



:: The two men come together in a collar and elbow lock up. Larsen whips Wallace across the ring with an Irish whip. Larsen goes for a clothesline but Wallace ducks. Wallace comes back and hops over a now laying down Brian who dropped last second. Wallace comes off again and catches a hip toss from Larsen. Brian quickly charges deliver a big boot to the face of Barr. Brian picks up Wallace and slings him into a corner. Larsen charges and delivers a big splash. Wallace steps out from the middle rope wobbly on his feet. Brian ducks behind him and sit on the top rope as he grabs Wallace. Larsen places Wallace into a dragon sleeper as he is sitting on the turnbuckle almost hanging WAllace in the process. Larsen sticks out his tongue as he wrenches back taking Wallace off his feet and hanging the man.  The ref starts to count to make Brian break the hold. ::



WC: Larsen has snapped

BE: This isn’t a good thing for Barr.










:: The ref calls for the bell as Larsen refuses to let go of the hold The Ref starts to try and hold Wallace up to stop him from dying.



BE: What is wrong with this guy?

WC: Larsen came here for Manchester. He said if he doesn’t get him he is going to start to destroy people in this company.


:: Larsen lets Wallace go as Barr drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Larsen slides down and walks up the ramp to a chorus of boos. ::

Lost Legion vs Adam Arana/ Robbie Gaines(non title match)

BE: Remember folks, if you need help, contact Keller and Keller, they mean business! Up next we have the IWS tag team champions facing Robby Gaines and Adam Arana.

WC: Finally we get some eye candy out here. Without my hunk Creed here tonight, my next eye candy is the Cobra, Adam Arana.

BE: During our commercial break, you could have went and taken care of your hormones tonight, but I guess you will continue.

::The camera pans backstage, where we find what looks to be a fight breaking out. We see Shax and Andras, both with chairs in their hand, attacking what looks to be Robbie Gaines and Adam Arana! Lost Legion, in rhythm, both take turns swinging the steel chair and connected to the body of Arana/Gaines. After a couple of minutes, Gaines and Arana are out cold on the floor, neither one of them moving. Shax and Andras have an scariest look on their faces, as they both let out a little grin. Shax goes over to the side, picking up both tag team titles. He hands the other one over to Andras, as they begin walking away. Arana starts moving a little bit, looking to try and make it to his feet. Andras sees this, as he gets a running start, and nails Arana in the head with his championship belt. Arana remains not moving, as IWS staff begin helping and looking over the two, as we hit another commercial break…::


Main Event: Grim Reaper vs Shawn Roberts vs Rooster(Non Rising Star title Triple Threat)

::The sound of a loud bang goes off through the venue, as a flashing red light blinds everyone in the crowd. As “Veil of Fire” by CFO$ blares throughout the speakers. The crowd makes it to their feet, as the 6’10 monster makes his way down the ramp. He slowly makes his way up the stairs, and lifts one foot over the top rope followed by the other. A he awaits his opponets to make his way to the ring::

BE: Grim Reaper is here to make a statement

WC: This match has great potential

::Lights Dim throughout the arena. A single orange spotlight fades in on the entrance. Jan van der Roost slowly walks out, a pair of orange gloves in one hand, a towel around his neck. He looks towards the ring, then walks ahead, with his head down. He stops , looks at his opponent , then heads to the steps. He slowly climbs the steps then stops at the corner. van der Roost places the towel on the turnbuckle, wipes his feet on the apron and climbs through the ropes. He looks up towards the orange spotlight then puts the left glove on. The arena lights come up and he tosses the right glove into the crowd.::

WC: The one person in this match that needs to loss.

BE: No bias there at all

:: Shawn Roberts walks out to the top of the ramp with a gorgeous blond on his arm. The women raises his hand and points to him as he poses at the top of the ramp. Roberts walks down the ring chomping on gum as he goes. he slides into the ring and then holds the ropes for his valet. He then poses in the middle of the ring with the valet standing behind him. ::

WC: Our Rising Star Champion he has been on a roll since coming here.

BE: I have to agree he has done well so far.

:: Shawn slides out of the ring and stands next to Eryn looking at the other two in the ring. ::


BE: And it appears that Roberts is going to sit and watch rather than get involved in this match.

WC: Why get involved when you can conserve your energy right now?

::Rooster hits Reapers with a quick super kick. He rolls Reaper onto his back, Roster goes for a quick pin but Grim kicks out to fast . Reaper is back to his feet quickly and charges. Rooster takes him up and over with an arm drag. Reaper comes back in with a head of steam and gets treated to another arm drag followed by a dropkick that sends him through the ropes and out to the feet of Shawn Roberts. Ever the opportunist Roberts starts to put the boots to Reaper. In the ring Rooster backs into the ropes and rushes forward, diving out of the ring and onto Roberts.::

BE: Huge suicide dive from Rooster.

WC: I think he is going to regret drawing Roberts into this match.

::Rooster pulls Reaper up by his hair and rolls him back into the ring. He goes back for Roberts and pulls him up as well. When they get to the ring Roberts elbows Rooster in the gut and smashes his face down onto the apron.Grim Reaper comes back into frame with a baseball slide that sends Rooster sprawling. As Reaper taunts Rooster from the second rope Roberts springs up onto the ring apron and delivers a side kick square to Reaper’s nose. Roberts steps through the ropes and quickly plants Reaper with a suplex. He follows up with stomps the midsection. Rooster slides into the ring and grabs Roberts from behind with a waist lock. Roberts reverses and headbutts Rooster who stumbles forward into a DDT from Reaper.::

WC: A nice little bit of teamwork there.

BE: I can’t imagine that will work very long.

::Reaper goes for the cover, but Roberts immediately breaks it up with an axe handle smash to his back before the referee can even start to count. Roberts grabs Reaper and tosses him out of the ring. He then goes for the cover on Rooster.::


::Rooster kicks out at one after the delay in the pin.::

BE: Yeah, that all didn’t last long.

WC: Nope.

::Roberts gets up and waits in the corner, lining up for The Epitome of the End.::

BE: It might be a little early to be looking for the finish.

::Rooster starts to get up, but Reaper grabs Roberts by the leg and pulls him out first. Reaper grabs Roberts and slams him back first into the barricade. He then rolls into the ring and walks right into a Samoan drop from Rooster in the middle of the ring.Rooster looks out at Roberts and then heads up to the top rope. He comes flying off with an elbow drop down on top of Reaper. He stays on top of him and goes for the cover.::



::Roberts dives in at the last second and breaks things up. He then kicks Rooster out of the way and goes for the cover on Reaper himself.::



::Reaper is able to kick out at two.::

BE: This is the second time Roberts has tried to steal a pin from someone else.

WC: The man is a champion and a genius.

BE: There’s no doubt he’s opportunistic.

::Roberts starts stomping away at Reaper and then goes over to the corner and kicks Rooster in the gut. He starts peppering away at Rooster with punches until Reaper comes charging in for a body splash. Roberts moves out of the way and Reaper hits Roster. Roberts pulls Reaper in from behind and drops him on the back of his head with a backdrop suplex. Shawn then gets up and Rooster charges at him with a running knee to the midsection. Roster stands over both men and then pulls them both up at the same time into stereo Dragon Sleepers.::

BE: A double Lion Sleeper!

WC: That’s unique.

::Reaper spins out of the hold first and knocks Rooster back into the ropes with a dropkick. Roberts gets out to at the same time and nails Rooster with an open handed slap to the face as he comes back at them both. Rooster stops in his tracks, looks at Roberts, and then tackles him with a double leg takedown. Rooster starts drilling Roberts with punches from the top position. Reaper hits the ropes and he comes off of them to hit big boot to the back of Rooster. Reaper pulls Rooster up from behind and hooks him for a back suplex with his leg hooked. He lifts him up, and brings him down hard on the mat with a choke slam.::

BE: Choke Slam.

WC: That might do it.

::Reaper gets up and turns around, walking into a superkick from Roberts.::

BE: Super Kick!

WC: My man!

::Roberts gets hit with a superkick of his own from Rooster that sends him down into the corner. Rooster pulls Reaper up and hits him with an implant DDT in the middle of the ring.::

BE: That’s has to be it.

WC: Rooster is going for the pin.





BE: Wow, Rooster shows why he deserves all the respect in this company. Lord knows, had Varlowe not interrupted once again last week, Roost may be the IWS Champion!

WC: Yeah, it’s been a breath of fresh air with Varlowe being absent tonight. Dupree has done a good job in keeping things intact tonight. Well… that is all for Ground Zero tonight…

BE: Wait, hold on Wilma. I just recieved word that we need to cut to commercial break, as we have one last bit of business to attend to. So, we will see you in a couple of minutes, IWS fans…


::IWS comes back from a small commercial break, where we find Wyatt Dupree in the ring, microphone in hand.

WD: So, before we end the show this evening, I have some important news for the IWS universe. First, and foremost. What we saw from the Lost Legion tonight, may fly when Lonnie is around, letting shit turn into chaos. However, when I am here, that shit isn’t going to be happening. These poor people in the crowd, and those watching through public broadcasting, were robbed of a match earlier this evening, that was out of my control. The second match, being what we just saw backstage, never got the chance to happen because those two animals decided to take the cheap route and attack Mr Gaines and Mr Arana before their match. So, this is the perfect time to announce our next show. Earlier this year, we threw out first iPPV, that was known as Prophecy. Our next show, will be another one of those iPPVs, which I am happy to announce, IWS presents, Holiday Havoc!

Now, since we got that out of the way, to continue from before, I am hereby punishing The Lost Legion, where they will defend their IWS Tag Team Titles, against Robbie Gaines and Adam Arana in a TLC tag team match. This is a message to everyone backstage. If you keep fucking up mine and Lonnies show, you will be punished. So IWS universe, they next time we will be seeing each other will be at Holiday Havoc, I hope you all have a wonderful evening, thanks for stopping by.

::Wyatt starts to exit the ring, but once he gets to the ropes, he stops, and brings the microphone back to his mouth::

WD: Oh, how the hell did I forget this? Also, at Holiday Havoc, your IWS Champion, Creed, will defend his title in a steel cage match, against Jan van der Roost, AND JT Saint. I want each of these gentlemen to have a fair chance. With all three men in the steel cage, Lonnie will not be able to interfere in the match, therefore no one will be screwed of this huge opportunity.

::Wyatt drops the microphone, and starts back up the ramp, as we switch over to the commentator table.::

BE: WOW! How did he almost walk off and not tell us that huge news?!?! Lost Legion will defend their titles at Holiday Havoc, AND! Creed will defend his title against Roost and Saint in a steel cage match! WOW!!!!!!

WC: Wow is exactly what I was thinking Bob. What a way to end Ground Zero 8!

BE: Well, the people in my ear are telling me we are running out of time. So until next time folks, we will see YOU at IWS: Holiday Havoc!