::The scene opens inside the IWS Arena as the lights dim and the crowd goes wild with excitement. “Drop Dead Cynical” by Amaranthe, the IWS Ground Zero theme song starts to play. The camera pans around the arena in various shots to show a “packed house” of just under 1200 fans, evidence that this promotion is gaining ground every show. A small, beautiful pyro display goes off above the ring and a few shoot off the from the stage with a three foot drop and small ramp. The single black curtain bearing the IWS logo hang below the single large tron. The camera shoots to ring-side to the announce duo of Bob Eisen and Wilma Cooks on color commentary.::

WC: “Welcome to the IWS Ground Zero number seven you bastards and bitches!”

BE: “Well you certainly are in a good mood tonight! And for good reason because we here at the Indianapolis Wrestling Syndicate have the biggest Ground Zero card in company history planned for you tonight!”

WC: “Oh, Bob! Biggest? I don’t know if I’d go that far but it’s going to be epic as we see Round Two of his feud between Derek Manchester and Jason Cashe decided in a ⅔ falls match with the 3rd fall being submission only if needed. And in the Main Event my boy Creed….”

BE: “Yes, Creed defends his newly won IWS World Title against JVD with Wyatt Dupree being the guest referee to ensure nothing funny happens.”

::Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail to the King” starts to play as the fans come to their feet.::

BE: “And it looks like we’re about to be joined by one our bosses, Wilma.”

::Wyatt Dupree heads through the curtain to a huge pop from the IWS Arena. He takes off sprinting towards the ring, no doubt not wanting to waste any show time. He slides into the ring and is handed a mic as his music dies off.::

WD: “Thank you all for being here tonight for Ground Zero 7. I’m going to keep this brief. After every IWS show, Ground Zero or a special event or an iPPV, Lonnie and I meet back up in either my garage or his garage since we just live a few blocks not only from this building but from each other as well. We drew up the card for this show over a couple cases of beer and here we are. He told me: “Wyatt, I want you to referee this match. I know people claim I’m out to screw him and people say you’re always trying to defend him but the truth is…you can be fair in this high-profile match. We owe that to Jan, we owe that to our fans, we owe that to our World Championship belt.” and I agreed. I don’t usually like to step out from “behind the scenes” very often, I typically let Lonnie run loose with the on camera stuff. But tonight’s main event calls for me to step-in and insure we have a decision…a fair and impartial decision. I will not tolerate any bullshit in this ring tonight. Jan van der Roost, Creed…I wish you both the best of luck tonight. Thank you for your time and enjoy the show!”

::Wyatt drops the mic and exits the ring.::

BE: “Well, I didn’t really see the point of that but it was obviously important enough to our Boss.”

WC: “I can’t wait for this title match tonight.”

::As Wyatt disappears behind the curtain, we fade out.::

::The scene opens backstage in the locker room. We see Brian Larsen in the locker room, bent over lacing up his wrestling boots. The door opens and in walks Derek Manchester, who takes a seat on the other side of the locker room. As Manchester opens his gear bag to begin getting ready, Larsen looks over and sees his former best friend and former CHZ tag-team partner.::

BL: “You son of a bitch!”

DWB: “Uhh…you talking to me?”

BL: “Of course I am you dumb redneck!”

::Manchester scoffs at Brian Larsen. Brian becomes irritated and walks over to Derek looking down on him. Derek, in an act of spite, remains seated, not even looking Larsen in the eye just to insult the man even more.::

DWB: “Who you calling a dumb redneck? You are just…no wait. I was actually going to say you were just the same as me but I realized that you are NOTHING like me. You’re not even a true country boy, a true redneck. Hell, you’re like 90% of the music that is released to country radio today….MANUFACTURED! Yeah, we have history. Most of the people in this place, most of the fans here…they don’t know that history of Derek Manchester and Brian Larsen or the Redneck Express glory days of the CHZ or what happened in Vegas with the Inferno Wrestling Federation. But rest assured, I still owe you one for the suckerpunch on the night of your debut.”

BL: “Come on big man! What the f(bleep)k you waiting on?!”

::Manchester ignores Brian. Brian reaches down and kicks the gear-bag away as Manchester pops up out of the chair, tackling Larsen to the ground. As Manchester hammers away with a ground and pound as Larsen throws in a few elbows. Suddenly, IWS Staff and Security and a few of the other wrestlers step in and break it up, separating the two. As both men attempt to get at each other and profanities are being shouted, the scene cuts to commercial.::

Shax vs Razor Blade

::We return from commercial break at ring-side as the lights dim as “Next Big Thing” begins to play as the boos rain down from the majority of the arena. Out from behind the curtain steps, Razor Blade with his manager Paul Newman. They make their way into the ring and await the start of the match.::

BE: “We are starting things off with a bang here tonight as Razor meets up with one half of the Tag Team Champions Shax in our opening contest.”

WC: “Razor may be big and strong but Shax is straight up sadistic.”

BE: “Do I even need to ask who you will be rooting for in this one?”

WC: “What?! I am a professional. I will call this right down the middle as always.”

:: The arena goes dark as A Touch of Evil by Judas Priest begins to play. Smoke fills the entrance ramp as blue, green and purple lights pulse. Andras steps through the smoke first wearing a black and purple velvet robe. His hood is pulled up over his head and his face is concealed by a golden smiling skull mask. Shax steps out of his brother’s shadow wearing a jacket made of leather and chains, a steel grey skull mask with a horn designed to match his mohawk sprouting from the front. Shax looks around at the crowd booing him, but Andras seems either oblivious or unfazed by the reaction. The pair walk to the ring at their own pace. Shax takes of his mask and jacket and hands them to Andras before rolling under the ropes.::

WC: “Kick his ass Shax!”

BE: “Would you try to be impartial at least?”

WC: “Where’s the fun in that? And speaking of fun…Broc…I mean Razor Blade has to deal with the fact that Andras is ring-side in support of his brother Shax.”

BE: “That he does.”

:: Shax steps right up chin to chest to the much larger Razor Blade. Shax shoves him away and Blade just laughs. Shax spits a black mist and gets Blade right in the eyes, blinding the big man before the match can get officially underway.::


::Blade is swinging wildly with lefts and rights as Shax easily sidesteps them all. Shax uses a chop block to take Razor off his feet. He lays the boots to Blade, but goes to the well once too many times and Blade grabs his heel. Blade gets to his feet, but Shax puts him back to one knee with an enziguri.::

BE: “What underhanded tactics by the tag- team champion right away.”

WC: “I know isn’t it great?”

::Shax digs his fingers into the face of Blade and drives his knee into the big man’s back trying to wear him down. Shax bends Blade back and locks in a dragon sleeper. He uses the leverage to step over into a camel clutch mount.::

BE: “Chaos Lock! It could be over just that fast!”

WC: “Tap out you big ape.”

::Razor draws his knees up underneath him and simply muscles his way back to his feet with Shax on his back still holding onto the sleeper. Blade backs quickly into the corner and squashing Shax against the turnbuckles, forcing him to release his grip on Blade’s neck. Blade fires backwards with a series of elbow strikes before stepping out of the corner and throwing forearms.::

BE: “Smart move by Blade here to keep Shax in a corner since he can’t see him with that black crap in his eyes.”

WC: “Did you just use smart and Razor Blade in the same sentence?”

::Blade thrusts his shoulder into Shax’s gut once, twice, three times. On the fourth attempt Shax leapfrogs out of the way and double stomps Blade on the back, driving him face first into the turnbuckle. He follows up by grabbing Blade and rubbing his eyes down the top rope from one corner to another. His lifts up Blade’s right leg and attacks the knee with a dragon screw that sends Blade towards the middle of the ring. Shax steps to the outside apron. He is looking for a springboard, but Paul Newman grabs his leg and refuses to let go.::

BE: “Shax has Blade completely blinded and Newman must feel like he has no choice but to intervene.”

WC: “That was incredibly stupid.”

:: Shax frees his leg and drops down to the floor. Newman wants nothing of confrontation with him so he turns and bumps straight into Andras. With only one place left to go Newman rolls into the ring and scrabbles to his feet, where he runs right into the still blinded Razor Blade. His client quickly hefts him onto his shoulders and spins him out with a Razor F-5::

BE: “Blade just hit the F-5 on Newman, but he thought it was Shax!”

WC: “See what happens when Razor thinks.”

::Blade rubs his eyes furiously and see what he had done, stunning him long enough for Shax to slide back in the ring and roll him over with a schoolboy pin.:





::Judas Priest starts playing as the referee raises the hand of Shax.::

BE: “What an opening contest! And one half of the IWS World Tag Team Champions is victorious. Will the other half do the same thing later this evening?”

WC: “Who cares! I just want to see Razor Blade get his ass kicked week after week. F(bleep)king steroid freak!”

::As Shax stands tall in the ring, Andras enters as well. The brothers share a look and then look down at Razor Blade. Andras drops both tag-team belts and picks up Razor Blade, lifting him into the air as him and Shax deliver a double brainbuster for added insult. As the crowd shares a mixed reaction for The Lost Legion, the scene fades to commercial.::

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::We return from commercial break backstage. We immediately see Latoya Hixx on a rampage, storming past the talent and technicians, shoving people out of her way. She looks angry – strike that – she looks positively deranged as she waves a piece of paper in the air.::

Latoya Hixx: “Where is she? Where is that stupid red headed title stealer!”

::She marches right up to a man checking the monitors and shouts right in his ear.::

Latoya Hixx: “Can you believe she wrote me a letter? Kasey Summers wrote me a letter as if I’m going to read it?! The nerve of her! I can’t get over how stupid she is that she thinks I’m going to read a letter when what I want to do is pin her shoulders and take the belt that’s been robbed from me!”

IWSTV Staff: “Uhh… okay? I don’t think she’s here today. She doesn’t have a match.”

::The purple-haired diva waves the paper again.::

Latoya Hixx: “Then how did she leave me this note?”

::The man sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose to ward off a headache.::

IWSTV Staff: “I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. Listen, I need to make sure this tape delay is working correctly, and I really don’t have time..”

Latoya Hixx: “You don’t have time for the greatest female superstar in the world on Ground Zero? You have a job because of me and if I say I need your help, you’re supposed to help me. You exist because of me!”

IWSTV Staff: “Do you even work here?”

::Letting out a shriek of outrage, Latoya wads up the paper and throws it at the man before looking as though she’s going to spear him right through the monitors. Instead, she freezes at the sound of a laugh behind her. She whirls around to find Kasey Summers standing there, dressed in a black leather jacket with a red scarf around her neck. In her hands is a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.::

Kasey Summers: “I should have written it in crayon. On that primary school printing paper with the big spaces at the dotted lines. You’d have gotten the gist then, right? I mean, it’s fair to say that you didn’t glean anything from that message, did you? Oh, Stan. You’re so pathetic, obsessing over me like you do. You’re not going to magically become a talented wrestler just because you keep saying my name in the mirror. It doesn’t work that way, LaTARDya.”

Latoya Hixx: “My name is LaTOYa…”

Kasey Summers: “Right right. And I’ll be cursing it later after you humiliate me in the ring and break my back and make me humble… I heard you the last eight times you babbled the same thing. Except, here’s what’s going to actually happen. You ready to have your mind blown? You’re going to leave the company. You’re going to forget my name. You’re going to stop running around begging me to grant you a rematch when you already had TWO chances to get things done and f’ed them both up royally. Get to the back of the bus and that’s so not me being racist because you’re half Mexican or whatever. It’s a fact. You’re done. We’re done. I’m going to keep my title nice and shiny and untainted by illiterate gutter trash like you, mmmkay?”

::Latoya’s eyes go wide and she lets out an angry roar, charging recklessly at Kasey who swings the bat as hard as she can. It connects. It’s not a fake and it turns Latoya Hixx inside out when it smashes into her chin, the barbed wire tearing her face up even as her head snaps back. Kasey smirks and pounces, literally riding Latoya’s limp body to the floor before bashing the back of her head off the concrete. As she lays there, dazed, Kasey swings the bat again and again, battering Latoya’s body. Finally, she crouches down over her fallen prey, putting her face inches from Latoya’s.::

Kasey Summers: “I am the champion. Understand, you dumb cunt?! Do you? DO YOU??!”


::The champion’s hand claps over Latoya’s mouth as she leans in close.::

Kasey Summers: “Wrong answer, dummy. We’re done. You’re done. You hear me?”

::She struggles but it’s clear that there’s something on the black leather gloves that Kasey has on as part of her Negan costume because the struggles don’t last long before her eyes roll up in her head. Kasey straightens up and turns to the “technician”, watching as he strips off the company polo shirt he has on. Grinning sadistically, she steps over Latoya’s body, speaking over her shoulder to the man.

Kasey Summers: “You’ll make sure she’s dealt with, right?”

??: “Just like I promised. This ignorant, needy bitch is history.”

Kasey Summers: “Good.Ta-ta sweetie.”

::Kasey Summers walks off, cackling like no other as the scene cuts back to ring-side for match number two.::

Brian Larsen vs Robbie Gaines

WC: “Well both of our next competitors are already in the ring and ready to go here.”

BE: “Brian Larsen vs Robbie Gaines and folks I think this one could get good.”


::Gaines storms at Brian, trying to connect with a standing clothesline. Brian ducks, and sends Gaines into the corner. Larsen turns and catches Robbie with a knee to the back of the head. Gaines wobbles and drops. Larsen pulls him out from the ropes, turns and climbs the second rope and then connects with a leg drop face buster.::

BE: “Larsen is coming to play early.”

WC: “He is here to cause pain he said it himself.”

::Larsen stands up Gaines and throws him into the rope. Larsen lines him up for a running somersault neck breaker, but at the last minute Robbie ducks and continues running. Gaines slides down under the ropes and gets to the outside of the ring.::

BE: “Close call there. Brian Larsen is coming full force tonight.”

WC: “It’s not personal.”

BE: “You are really insufferable, Cooks!”

WC: “I take that as a compliment.”

::The ref begins his countdown, as Gaines paces on the mat outside the ring. Larsen just stands in the center of the ring watching on him.::






WC: “Gaines better get his ass back in the ring.”

::Robbie, still in no hurry, finally slips back into the ring. Brian runs and delivers a drop kick into Robbie’s face. Larsen pulls Gaines up and backs him into the corner. He lands a big chop down across Gaines’s chest. He raises his hand again and comes down with another chop, followed by one more for good measure. Gaines drops down to his knees in pain as he holds his chest. Larsen stands over Robbie and unleashes several punches to the head.::

WC: “The crowd loves this, and so do I!”

BE: “Larsen has taken control early.”

::The ref stops Larsen and Gaines stumbles up to his feet. Brian follows Gaines as he backs into the ropes, but is caught with an uppercut sending him back a few steps. Robbie and Brian come together in the middle of the ring. Robbie lifts a knee into Brian doubling him over and places him in a standing side headlock. Larsen backs into the ropes and pushes Robbie across the ring. Brian drops to the mat as Gaines hops over him. Brian stands up as Robbie comes back from the opposite ropes again. Brian leap frogs him, turns around and ducks his shoulder as Robbie comes back towards him. Gaines stops short and kicks Brian in the chest, sending him reeling into the ropes. Gaines rushes toward Brian and delivers a dropkick sending Brian through the ropes and to the outside. Robbie goes to the far corner and takes a knee.::

BE: “Gaines taking a break here and catching his breath.”

WC: “He is just delaying the inevitable.”

::Robbie stands down and comes to Brian and the two come together in a collar and elbow tie up. Robbie comes out of it with a twisting arm bar. Larsen taps his shoulder letting out a few grimaces of pain. Then he drops under the arm bar reversing into a hammerlock. Robbie rushes to the ropes going between the middle and the top. The ref tells Brian to break the hold and he does.::

WC: “Brian needs to drag that out until the five count.”

BE: “He has class.”

WC: “No he feels bad for the rookies.”

::Brian backs up across the ring as Robbie comes out of the ropes shaking his arm. Robbie then rushes Larsen who delivers a deep arm drag onto Robbie. Robbie pops up and rushes Brian again but Larsen takes him down with another arm drag takedown. Robbie is up again when Larsen delivers a spinning elbow onto Robbie sending him to the ground. Brian starts to stalk toward Robbie, but Gaines puts his hands up begging no. Brian keeps stalking towards him. Robbie gets into the corner as Brian reaches for the back of his head. Robbie delivers a shift shot to the face. Brian grabs his face and turns around. Robbie pops to his feet, then up to the second rope and comes off with a bulldog onto Larsen taking him to the ground.::

BE: “What a move by Robbie there!”

WC: “He was lucky…

::Gaines begins to lift Brian up off the mat and then grabs Brian by the arm. He Irish whips him towards the ropes. Brian comes bouncing back and Gaines is now bending over slightly as Brian makes his way back to him he slides under Gaines. Gaines turns around to find Brian leaping in the air and nailing a running knee right to Gaines’s face. With Gaines on his hands and knees, Larsen rolls him up with a La Magistral cradle and goes for the win.::



BE: “Kick Out by Gaines.”

WC: “Enough with the fancy little rollups. Let’s see Larsen end this guy.”

::Brian picks Gaines up off the ground and grabs a hold of Robbie’s head in a headlock. Brian holds him there for a few seconds before sprinting with Gaines’s head still locked in his arms and then jumping up and landing on the ground, hitting a thunderous bulldog. Brian springs up on his feet and then climbs up the turnbuckle. Gaines rolls out of the way at the last possible second when Brian leaps off of the turnbuckle and attempts a top rope elbow drop. Brian hits the mat hard and Gaines pulls him up. Gaines then lifts Larsen up and drops him with a backbreaker in the middle of the ring.::


BE: “Larsen just missed with the elbow drop and he paid for it.”

WC: “He is too old for stuff like that! Ground and pound baby ground and pound!”

::Gaines lifts Brian off the ground and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Gaines shoves his forearm into Brian’s chin and begins to nail Brian with chest slaps from his other hand. The referee tells Robbie to get out of the corner and counts all the way to four before Robbie backs up. Brian stumbles out of the corner and Gaines grabs him in a front hold and sets him up for a suplex, lifting him up and nailing it. Gaines goes for a quick cover.::




BE: “What a battle between these two.

::Larsen starts working his way up to his feet. Gaines turns around and gets tackled by Larsen. Larsen starts landing punches from a mounted position on Robbie Gaines. Larsen gets up and lets out a roar before pulling Robbie up. He hooks him by the arms and goes for The Redneck Express, but Gaines pushes him off into the ropes. Larsen comes back at Gaines and manages to connect with a kick that sends Gaines to the mat. Larsen drops down on top of him, hooks a leg, and goes for the cover.::

BE: “Larsen looked for the finish, Gaines countered out, but Larsen still connects with an impact hit.”



WC: “And Robbie again kicks out!”

BE: “What a save by Robbie Gaines.”

WC: “I thought he had him there.”

::Brian lifts Gaines up off the canvas and sets him up for a powerbomb. Gaines lifts Brian up and throws him over with a back body drop. Larsen lands hard and gets to his feet when he turns around he gets nailed with a superkick.::

BE: “Gaines took that opportunity and ran with it.”

::Gaines now goes for a cover and the referee begins to make the count.::



BE: “The… No!”

WC: “I thought that was it.”

::Gaines looks frustrated as he shakes the ropes. Gaines clotheslines Brian down to the mat. He begins to stomp at Larsen for good measure. Gaines runs against the ropes and drops a massive elbow on the back of Larsen’ head. Gaines then rolls him over, puts his knees to Larsen’ back, and rips at his ankles.::

BE: “That looks painful.”

WC: “It’s locked in and Larsen has nowhere to go!”

::Gaines continues to pull back on Larsen’ legs to try and put more pressure on his back, but as Gaines repositions himself, Larsen manages to flip his body around. He pushes with both of his legs and sends Robbie Gaines flying off of him and back into the corner. Larsen is up and then hits a flying splash onto Gaines in the corner. He pulls him out and turns him over by his arms.::

BE: “Redneck Express!”

::Larsen hits Gaines with the Swinging reverse neckbreaker and then hooks both of his legs for the pin.::





::Kountry Gentleman starts to play as the referee raises the hand of Brian Larsen.::

WC: “Larsen took the rookie to town tonight, Bob.”

BE: “Robbie hung in there though. He has potential.”

::Larsen looks down at Gaines and sneers. Larsen kicks him in the back of the head one time for good measure before he exits the ring to a chorus of boos.”

WC: “Just a little extra for ya, Gaines!”

BE: “That was uncalled for.”

::Larsen flips the crowd the bird as he heads up the ramp. As he disappears behind the curtain, the JumboTron rumbles to life.::

WC: “We were supposed to cut to commercial but let’s keep it here just a second guys in the truck.”

:: The words “EARLY THIS MORNING” appear across the bottom of the tron as a pre taped interlude opens with a lone light swinging overhead in a darkened room. The metallic, skull mask faced Shax steps in from the left. His brother Andras steps in from the right. The empty sockets of the masks stare straight into the camera as both men lift their Tag Team Title belts over their outside shoulders.::

Shax: “Unlike the rest of you who were deemed unworthy we were given the title of Champions without needing to play any unnecessary games because everyone knows that we are unparalleled in our ferocity. None can stand against us. None have a hope or even a prayer of taking this gold from us.”

Andras: “But….”

Shax: “But if you disagree we would be most pleased to prove the point physically. All you need to do is step up and demand the match and we will meet you in the ring.”

Andras: “But…”

Shax: “But, you call your shot, we name the match. You see, since these titles were gifted to us we will defend them…on our terms. So if you think you are man enough to pry them away from us grab a partner and step up to the altar.”

Andras: “But…”

Shax: “But make sure that you have your affairs in order, because you will not be the same after we render your very being asunder. We swear that to each and every one of you.”

::Suddenly the room goes dark and the sound of the light bulb being smashed is heard. As the JumboTron powers down, the scene cuts to commercial break.::

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::We come back from a commercial break, sponsored by famersonly.com, where we find Locke and Keys in the ring, ready and waiting for their opponent.::

BE: “Up next, we have one of my favorite kind of matches, one that involves all ladies!”

WC: “You pig, we have Locke and Keys set to face Ivy Knox in a 2 v 1 handicap match!”

BE: “You didn’t even let me get that far Wilma! You battle-axe!”

::”Professional” by the Weekend plays throughout the venues speakers, as outsteps the beautiful Ivy Knox. She twirls her luscious redhead and smirks at a fan in the crowd as she makes her way down the ramp. She slowly walks up the stairs, and gives the audience a little tease, as she bends over through the ropes, before finally entering the ring::

BE: “This Ivy Knox woman… something about the red hair really gets me going.”

WC: “We know it doesn’t take much to get you going Bob, settle down a little bit please.”


::The referee signals the bell as the handicap match is officially underway. Locke will be up first, as Keys makes her way on the outside of the ropes, waiting to be tagged in. Knox and Locke circle each other around the center of the ring. As Knox goes for the grapple first. She grabs the left arm of Locke, as she twists it around and holds it behind her back. Locke squirms around a little bit, as she does a little flip and is released from the hold. This time Locke goes aggressive, as she winds up for a hard right, but Knox moves out of the way. Knox ends up behind Locke, where she shoves Locke with full momentum into the corner. Locke bounces off the corner turnbuckle moving backwards, where Knox sets up and connects with a neckbreaker! Knox goes for the roll up.::



::Kick Out by Locke, as Keys was there to break it up if needed::

BE: “What a nice combo to open up this match from Knox, she doesn’t seem fazed to be taking out two women at the same time!”

WC: “You wish you could say that was well right Bob? But we know you would be hella fazed taking on two chicks at the same time…

::Knox pulls Locke up by her hair. She whips Locke to the opposite corner from Keys. Knox climbs on to the second rope, and starts delivering right handed punches to the face of Locke one after another. At the count of ten, the referee breaks things up, letting Knox know that he will DQ her. After Knox argued with the referee, this gave Locke a little time to recuperate, as when Knox goes for a boot to the face, Locke ducks underneath, where she connects with a suplex to Knox. Keys begins chanting for Locke to tag her in, as Locke is crawling over to their corner. Knox makes it to her feet, but isn’t fast enough, as Locke tags in Keys. Keys has the momentum, as she hits Knox with a running clothesline. Knox makes it back to her feet quickly, but then is met with another running clothesline from Keys. Knox makes it to her knees, but Keys is ready. She pulls Knox to her feet and delivers a DDT, coming down on Knox’s head hard. Keys rolls up Knox..::



WC: “Kick Out by Knox!”

::Keys looks frustrated, as she begins arguing with the referee to count faster, and that was the slowest count she has ever seen in her life. The arguing last a good minute, as Knox eyes Keys, waiting on the right moment. Keys tags in Locke, while Locke is between the ropes, out of nowhere Knox hits her with a running knee! Locke falls over and into the ring. Keys hears the sound of Locke hitting the mat, when she turns around, she is met with an enziguri from Knox, send her off the side of the ring and down on the mat outside. Knox pulls Locke up by her hair, she delivers a kick to the chest, and tosses Locke up and over on her shoulders::

BE: “This is it! It’s Poison Ivy Time!”

::Knox spins Locke, and delivers Poison Ivy!! Keys is still down on the mat outside of the ring, as Knox goes for the pin…::





WC: “Knox has prevailed in this 2 v 1 handicap match! What a showing from Ivy Knox, as this shows she can do anything here at IWS!”

::Ivy’s theme song starts to play as the referee raises her hand. She rolls out of the ring and starts to celebrate with the fans at ring-side.::

BE: “Very true Wilma, not everyone would have won this match this evening. It’s hard enough facing one opponent, but add a second and you don’t have one yourself is a huge challenge! Congratulations to Ivy Knox on the big win this evening.”

::As Ivy heads up the ramp, the scene fades to commercial.::

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::The scene backstage in the locker room after the commercial break. There we find Brian Larsen sitting in the empty locker room. He’s exhausted from his bout with Robbie Gaines but still has a very pissed off look on his face.::

Larsen: “Derek, Gaines head is on your plate tonight. I took it easy on this kid because it was his first match. The fact is I am going to start hurting people Derek until I get what I want. Our past is long and convoluted it is true. At one time you were closer to me than my brother ever was. Now I want nothing more than to place you permanently in an old folks home crippled and left to wonder why.”

:: Larsen takes a deep breath as he continues to speak. ::

“Oh I could go into our history, I could go into the good times and the bad. I could go into detail of your darkest past, and I could expose your most precious desires. That is because I know you better than you know yourself Derek. I am the only person in this company that knows what you are thinking, and what you are going to do before you do it. I could sit back and just give you rope enough to hang yourself. That isn’t good enough Derek. You have to pay. You have to pay for your misgivings and you must learn your rightful place in wrestling. That is what I am going to do one way or another. You can duck me for as long as you want Manchester. If I wanted to I could end you tomorrow so I wouldn’t keep me waiting too long.”

::Larsen smacks the camera out of the way as the screen fades to ring-side. ::   

BE: Wow, what a statement from Brian Larsen ,Wilma!

WC: That’s right Bob, Brian Larsen is dead set on Derek Manchester, and promises to take any and everyone out along the way!

Jason Cashe vs Derek Manchester(⅔ Falls match, 3rd fall submission win only)

BE: “Ladies and gentlemen we are now ready for our 2 out of 3 falls match between Jason Cashe and the Dirty White Boy.”

WC: “Yes, this one will be pretty impressive. Cashe took the the first match between these guys back at Prophecy in the bloodiest match in company history.”

BE: “He sure did. Of course, many people have claimed it wasn’t a true victory as Cashe’s arm simply draped over Derek as both men were out cold. So here we are…rematch time.”

WC: “F(bleep)k that, Bob. A win is a win. And tonight, same outcome. Cashe will leave that piece of trash out cold.”

::The lights dim slowly as the crowd becomes silent. Then, “9-1-1 what are you reporting?” An almost robotic sounding operator’s voice blares throughout the arena. The live audience grows in their cheers and jeers as heads turn to the stage. Another voice, a whispered cry follows. “Please help us! There is…” Sounds of a scuffle, a screeching cry as a male’s voice fills the speakers “TROUBLE!”::

WC: “Oh here comes the true legend from the 3rd Coast!”

::Out from the back comes Jason Cashe and the fans erupt! Some liking him and some not so much but unless they were wheelchair bound, everyone was on their feet. No theme music, something he hasn’t had in a long time for himself in a long time. A hoodie vest on that matches his ring gear, Jason Cashe heads to the ring only stopping as he gets to the point where entrance ramp meets ring side. There he drags his foot creating an imaginary line dividing the two; a reference to him saying this line was when the talking stops. He crosses that line and heads around to the nearest set of steel steps. Climbing up onto the apron, Cashe dips through the ropes to enter the ring, removing his vest before letting it fall to the outside. It was time. He was ready to fight.::

BE: “Cashe looks to be in great shape tonight as always. Not typically a guy you see in the weight room every day but don’t let that fool you. This man is a professional wrestler in every sense of the word.”

::”Hair of the Dog” by Nazareth begins playing as the lights dim in the arena and the fans come to their feet to begin cheering. Through the curtain, walks the “Dirty White Boy” Derek Manchester dressed in white boots, black trunks, and a black leather hooded vest. He stands on the stage and looks out across the building throwing both his arms off as two small sets of pyro shoot off from each end of the stage. He then walks down the ramp and gets to ring-side and slaps hands with a few fans before climbing into the ring. He heads to the opposite corner, climbs the second rope, and raises both his arms once more as the crowd goes wild. He hops down, removes his hooded vest, and then stays in the corner awaiting the start of his match.::

BE: “And the Dirty White Boy has not taken his eyes off Jason this entire time.”

WC: “Yeah, that kind of gay. I mean…Creeper.”

BE: “Wilma Cooks everyone…PC all the time! One more time folks: Two out of three falls, if we get to the 3rd fall it is submission win only. I hope it goes the distance because I’d love to see a non-submission wrestler like Cashe in this environment.”


::Both men meet in the center of the ring as Cashe extends his hand. Manchester shakes his head, not about to fall for the fake handshake deal, and hauls off with a right hand that sends Cashe straight to the mat. Cashe gets back up holding his jaw and is rocked back into the corner with a fury and left and rights. Manchester grabs his left arm and attempts to Irish whip him out of the corner but Jason reverses it and catches Derek with a knee to the stomach, making Derek cut a flip in the ring. Cashe drop to the mat, driving an elbow into the heart of the Dirty White Boy and then follows that up by grabbing a handful of Derek’s long hair and pulling on it, no doubt attempting to get under the skin of Manchester.::

WC: “Hair pulling? I like it!”

BE: “This isn’t legal! Come on Clayton, do your damn job!”

::Clayton steps in, trying to get Cashe to break the hair pull, but Cashe continues to defy him. Finally as the ref starts the five count, Cashe lets go at the last possible second. Jason picks Derek up and suplexes him right back down to the mat. Jason puts the boots to Derek without mercy as he tries to get away from the early attack. Manchester rolls underneath the bottom rope and hugs it in some modified type of rope break as the referee steps in again to allow a clean break. Cashe rolls his eyes and backs himself into a corner as Manchester rolls off the apron to the outside below. As the referee turns back around to start the 10 count, Derek has managed to get back to his feet and leans against the guard rail as the two men exchange glares from inside the ring. Cashe spits towards the outside in the direction of Derek Manchester as the DWB returns fire by flipping him the double bird.::

WC: “Do you feel the love between these two warriors?”

BE: “I don’t know if I would call it love, Bob.”

::As the count reaches the upper numbers, Manchester slides back into the ring. Once he is back on his feet, the two men rush each other and lock up in a collar and elbow tie. Manchester grabs a side headlock but has his feet swept out from underneath him by Cashe. Manchester pounds the mat in frustration and gets back to his feet and charges at Cashe who catches him with a simple drop-toehold that slams Derek face into the mat. Manchester gets back to his feet again, this time kicking the ropes in anger.::

BE: “Derek is pissed off here.”

WC: “Yeah, Cashe is for sure getting the better of him. It’s almost like Jason’s strategy is to just get under his skin. And we know that son of a bitch has a temper, so he better keep it in check.”

::They lock up again as the DiOGee takes control with a knee right into the ribs. He lifts Derek high into the air and drops him with a falling reverse front suplex. Cashe backs into the ropes for leverage and shoots off hitting a running leg drop across the back of the head of Derek. Normally one would attempt a pinfall, however, Cashe picks Derek up and tosses him over the ropes to the outside. Cashe steps between the ropes onto the apron and runs down the length of the apron and leaps off hitting a double axe handle across the back of Manchester who was almost all the way to his feet. As Derek is prone on the arena floor, Cashe takes the chance to start very cockily putting the boots to him. Cashe rolls back into the ring long enough to break the count, forcing the referee to start the count over. Cashe grabs Derek by his hair and yanks him to his feet and shoves him back first into the ring apron twice. Derek falls back to the arena floor as we see Cashe look at Derek and then spit on him.::

WC: “Disgusting!”

BE: “I agree Wilma.”

WC: “How dare Manchester purposely get in the way of Cashe’s attempt to rid his mouth of extra saliva. What a freak.”

BE: “Uhh….”

::Cashe picks Derek up and gets him to his feet and kind of smacks and slaps him around in the face, just toying with him. Derek staggers away but Cashe follows, verbally taunting him as well. Derek spins around with a clothesline but Jason ducks it and as Derek spins back around again, Cashe pokes him in the eye with a thumb and then flicks him in the nose all the while laughing at what’s going on. Cashe grabs a handful of hair again and tosses Derek back into the ring. Cashe then lifts up the ring skirt and pulls out a metal folding chair as it grabs the attention of the crowd who seem to come alive. Cashe lifts the chair high into the air getting a pop from the crowd before laying the chair in the corner of the ring. As Jason slides in the ref attempts to grab the chair but Cashe quickly gets in his face, no doubt making threats of bodily harm if Clayton Hirks removes the chair.::

BE: “I just want to remind everyone that unlike the first time we saw these men square off, this ISN’T a no DQ match.”

::Jason turns his attention to Derek who charges at him and catches him running in with a back-elbow that staggers the DWB. Jason takes off running, grabbing the head of Derek, and takes him down with a bulldog.::

WC: “The DiOGee has pretty much controlled this entire match. I mean it’s not really been a wrestling match. He’s just f(bleep)king with Derek. I love it. I absolutely love it.”

::Both men are back on their feet now. Jason attempts to apply a standing headlock but Derek blocks it with a brutal right hand that sends Cashe to his ass. Derek wastes no time grabs Jason and pulls him back to his feet and applies a standing front-facelock before driving Cashe head first into the mat with a DDT. Derek quickly pops back to his feet, obviously done with the mind games, and starts kicking and stomping the back of Jason’s head as hard as he possibly can. Derek picks him back up and Irish whips him into the corner and charges in hitting a clothesline that knocks Jason into a seated position in the corner. Derek puts his boot into the throat of Cashe and pulls down on the ropes, choking Jason Cashe. Manchester face has the look of a demented man pushed past his limits As he continues to choke him out, Clayton Hirks tugs on Derek to try and break the hold, Derek finally releases and turns his attention towards Clayton Hirks.::

WC: “Asshole! You better watch that temper!”

::Derek heads back towards the corner and drops to his knees. He grabs Jason Cashe and wraps both hands around his throat and begins to squeeze and choke him. This time Clayton has had enough and starts the 5 count.::






::Manchester releases the choke at the last second. He gets back to his feet and walks towards the opposite corner and picks up the metal folding chair. He walks back over towards the corner and raises the chair into the air. As he does, the referee pulls the chair out of his hands. Derek spins around incensed as both them have a grip on the chair. Derek shoves the chair forward into the stomach of the referee causing him to fall to the mat and releases his grip on the chair. Derek turns back around as Cashe has managed to get to one knee using the ropes, and swings with the chair connecting on top of the head of Jason. As he falls to the mat, Derek lets loose and repeatedly hammers him with chair shots, several vicious chair shots.::



::Referee Clayton Hirks, shook up from the chair to the stomach, mans up and powers the chair away from Derek and shoves him to the opposite corner. He checks on Jason Cashe who is bloodied and beaten.::

BE: “Well…by DQ….the winner of the first fall is Jason Cashe. Cashe didn’t win this fall, Derek LOST this fall. You have to wonder if that was all part of Cashe’s plan. Folks, we’re going to take a quick break to at least give these guys a few minutes here. We’ll be back in a jiffy for the second fall of this match.”

::The scene cuts to commercial.::

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::We return from break at ring-side. A bloodied Cashe is up on his feet, obviously wounded, but smirking as Derek does nothing but glare.::

BE: “Well here we go….”


::Cashe takes off running but catches an elbow to the jar that staggers him back against the ropes. Manchester charges in but Cashe side-steps allowing Derek to slam chest-first into the turnbuckle. Derek falls backwards out of the corner and eats a devastating neckbreaker from Jason Cashe who quickly goes for the first pinfall attempt of the evening.::



BE: “And Derek is able to get the shoulder up here.”

::Cashe picks Derek up and rocks him with an European uppercut that sends Derek falling backwards into the ropes, catching his arms in between the top and middle ropes. As Derek is now tied up in the ropes, the bloodied Jason Cashe smiles and runs over and begins teeing off with right and lefts as Derek is helpless aside from throwing a leg kick or two.::


::Cashe, taking advantage of the situation, throws a kick right in between Derek’s legs as the fight starts to leave the DWB’s body. Jason inches in closer, grabs a hold of Derek’s face and then lowers his head down. As Derek let’s out a very loud scream, Cashe raises his head back up and backs away from Derek before letting out a very neanderthal like scream.::



::Clayton undoes the tie and gives Jason a shove back as he checks on Manchester who is now bleeding above his eye and on his cheek. Derek rolls to the outside to regroup and get a little separation from the DioGee. Derek tries to re-enter the ring but Cashe rushes the ropes and kicks towards the bottom as Derek bails off the apron just in time. Cashe smirks as the referee warns him to let Derek back into the ring. Derek hops up on the apron as Cashe charges him and Derek quickly falls back pulling the top down down with him as Jason sails over the ropes to the outside. Derek kicks Jason hard in the ribs numerous times as Cashe crawls around on his hands and knees. Everytime Jason looks to get back to his feet, Derek slams a knee into the side of his head and face, essentially putting the man back down. By this point, Clayton Hirks has been issuing a 10 count that neither man seem to really give a fuck about by this point anymore.::

WC: “Umm, so Hirks has reached the 10 count. But he hasn’t called for the bell?”

BE: “Well there has to be a winner…nobody wants to see fall two end under a double count-out. Besides this rivalry between these two has just reached the point that no set of rules can contain them here.”

WC: “Then why did the first fall end on a DQ?”

BE: “Uhh…look….we don’t get paid to think. Just to call the action so let’s keep doing that, huh?”

::Still outside of the ring, both men have forced the referee’s hand as the match continues after the 10 count. Derek whips Cashe face first into the steel ring post and then hoists him into the air and drops him with a spinebuster on the floor. Derek grabs Jason Cashe by the head and pulls him back to his feet before tossing him overhead with a release suplex that sends him into the ring steps. The referee rolls to the outside to try and regain order to prevent this thing from turning into a full-fledged brawl as Manchester then starts to argue with him.::

BE: “So unlike Derek to be fighting all bout with the referee. This isn’t him. Jason Cashe has completely gotten under the skin of the Dirty White Boy.

::Derek, in the midst of his nonsense with the referee, is oblivious to the fact that Jason Cashe has gotten back to his knees. Jason grabs hold of the ring apron and yanks himself to his feet and staggers towards Derek who turns around just in enough time to start slugging it out with Jason at ring-side. It doesn’t take very long for Jason Cashe to get the upper hand and he tosses Derek into the ring. Jason slides underneath the ropes but before he can mount any offense, he eats a kneedrops to the back of the head that leaves him motionless on the mat. Derek again puts the boots to the back of Cashe’s skull instead of going for the cover. Derek pulls Cashe to his feet and drops him with a piledriver, bouncing the DiOGee’s head off the canvas. Derek then rolls Cashe over, covers him and hooks the leg.::



::Cashe gets the shoulder up off the mat at 2 ½.::

WC: “The DiOGee just ain’t going down that easy.”

::Manchester picks Cashe up and whips him into the ropes, Jason rebound off and ducks the clothesline attempts and hits the far-side ropes. He shoots back off and leap-frogs Manchester and suddenly stops short. He spins around quickly and catches a superkick from Manchester with such force it knocks Jason over the top rope and back outside once more.::



::Manchester rolls back outside of the ring and grabs Jason Cashe yanking him to his feet but Cashe buys himself a split second by poking Derek square in the eye. As Derek staggers back, Cashe shoots in spearing Manchester into the ring-steps, separating the top and bottom halves. Cashe gets to his feet first and grabs the DWB and screams something into his ear before throwing him back into the ring. Cashe climbs up onto the ring apron and then scales the turnbuckle and stands perched upon the top rope. As the arena comes to their feet, Cashe stands waiting as Derek slowly gets to his feet. Once Manchester spins around, Cashe takes off in flight as Derek dives to his stomach, allowing Cashe to miss the attempted missile drop-kick. As Jason lies on the mat the victim of a high-flying crash and burn, Manchester grabs Jason Cashe by the head and pulls him to his feet. He underhooks him and spins around so they are back to back. He then leans forward, lifting Cashe off the mat and plants him with a devastating Vertebreaker.::

BE: “Cutoff Point! The old finisher of the DWB!”

::Derek hooks the leg as the referee slides into position.::





WC: “And just like that we are tied at one fall each.”

BE: “Yes. Here we go, third fall submission win only. This is going to be awesome, Wilma.”

WC: “Somehow I doubt that. Folks we are going to take another commercial break and we will return for this third and final fall and we will stay with this match until conclusion.”

::As both men try to gain a few minutes of rest, the scene cuts to break.::

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::We return from commercial break at ring-side.::

BE: “I got to tell you as a wrestling broadcaster…I just can’t wait to see this third fall. I love submission win only matches. Right up Derek’s alley….can Jason beat him at his own game?”


::Exhaustion has clearly set in for both of these men by this point. But they lock up with a collar and elbow tie as Manchester takes control with a side-headlock but Cashe takes his foot and stomps the feet of Manchester forcing him to break the hold. Derek is immediately clotheslined down to the mat by Cashe. Jason shrugs his shoulders and gets in position, slapping on a rear chinlock. Within seconds, however, Manchester shines a light on the brawler’s inexperience with submission holds and easily escapes the hold.  Both men try to get back to their feet as Manchester sweeps Cashes’s legs out from underneath him. Once Cashe is back on the mat, Derek Manchester attempts a modified Boston Crab but Cashe is too smart and starts kicking hard at the gut of Manchester fighting him off. Jason rolls underneath the ring ropes and to the floor for a second to get away as Manchester stands in the ring pointing at Cashe and dragging his hand across his throat.::

BE: “I tell you what….What a match between these two.”

WC: “You mean matches. The first match at Prophecy was something I won’t forget any time soon.”

::Jason slides back into the ring and ducks a running shoulder tackle. Manchester stops shorts and turns around only to be hip-tossed to the mat. Jason Cashe picks him back up and whips him hard into the corner. Cashe rushes in but Derek rushes out taking charge and spearing Cashe to the mat. As Derek attempts to get up though, Jason keeps him down, locking in a Kimura armbar submission.::

WC: “What the hell?”

::As Manchester desperately tries to get free, Cashe locks in the Kimura even tighter and you can hear him screaming, taunting the DWB.::

BE: “Cashe with the Kimura locked in tight and there isn’t a damn thing Derek can do right now!”

::Cashe twists the arm up even more as you can literally hear Manchester screaming, just screaming out in pain. Derek takes his one free arm and begins fighting like crazy by throwing elbows and hammer fists into the face of Cashe but Jason will not be denied.::

WC: “Derek better tap out or Jason is going to break his goddamn arm.”

::Finally Derek gets his free arm and has just enough reach to wrap it around the throat of Jason Cashe and begins to choke the DiOGee. Derek squeezes and squeezes until you see Cashe start to turn that shade of blue and purple and finally releases the Kimura at the same time Derek releases the choke hold. Both men lie on the mat exhausted and hurt as the damage to the arm of Manchester has been severely done. Derek crawls, slowly, towards the closest corner as the referee comes with him to check on his badly injured arm.::

BE: “Do you think this is all for not? I don’t think there is a way to end this war with these guys. They won’t stop until one of them isn’t pumping blood through their bodies anymore.”

WC: “Yeah, I uhh….yeah.”

::Cashe gets to his feet, smiling that toothless smile. He looks at the corner where Derek is seated with Clayton still checking on his arm. Jason charges the corner but Derek grabs hold of Clayton as a shield as Jason connects with the knee to the temple of Clayton Hirks that sends the referee crashing through the top and middle rope to the outside below.::

WC: “Did you see that? Derek deliberately threw the referee in front of himself.”

BE: “I can’t lie, Wilma. He did exactly that. Cashe has gotten under his skin so much in the past three months that he is doing stuff totally out of his normal routine. That should’ve been an automatic DQ there.”

::Cashe picks Derek up and shoves him back against the turnbuckle and starts to tee off with rights and lefts. As Derek slumps downward, Cashe pulls him back up and begins teeing off once more. He then grabs Derek and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Cashe scales the ropes, pulling Derek up with him, and both men stand perched at the top. They come flying off with Jason delivering a thundering snap suplex that leaves both men motionless in the middle of the ring.::

BE: “And now we have no referee…”

::The crowd starts to making noise with the building in an even 50/50 split for these combatants. Suddenly, Manchester rolls to his stomach and then gets back to his feet as Cashe is doing the same. They get face to face in the ring as both men start to talk trash and shove each other. Manchester backs off and throws a superkick that Cashe catches with his hands. Cashe rotates his free leg around to attempt a standing Muay Thai type kick but Derek catches that as both men hop around the ring on one leg, holding the other leg of their opponent. Cashe smirks, Manchester glares, and at the same time both men sweep their free leg at each other as both men crash to the mat. Derek wiggles free and kicks Jason square in the face, rendering him immobile for just a second. Derek repositions himself so he’s off to the side of Jason Cashe and he wraps up one of Cashe’s arms between his legs and leans back with a sick-looking modified armbar. Suddenly, IWS Diva’s referee Jessie Bates comes running down here to ring-side and slides in.::

BE: “Jessie?”

WC: “She is licensed to ref both matches for males and females.”

::As Derek tugs on the modified armbar, Cashe won’t go down without a fight as he takes his free right arm and reaches across his body, grabbing Derek right in the crotch, and starts to squeeze.::

BE: “What the hell? A ball-sack grab? A dick twist?”

WC: “I don’t know what to call that either. But look at Manchester’s face!”

::As both these stubborn bulls have painful and weird, in Cashe’s case, submissions on each other, Clayton Hirks gets to his knees on the outside. He’s holding onto the apron and you can tell he is still kind of dazed as he doesnt recognize Jessie Bates on the other side. As both men continue with this proverbial game of chicken, the realization of how bad they are hurting finally kicks in. Derek tries to tighten up the arm bar but the pain from the ball squeeze is hurting so much. Finally, at the same exact moment, Derek’s grip loosens slightly as Cashe’s grip tightens but neither man can hold on any longer.::



::Sure enough, both men tap out at the same time with Cashe using his feet and Derek using his free arm. Both Jessie Bates and Clayton Hirks call for the bell as Clayton slides in and Jessie realizes the original referee is back.::


BE: “WHAT THE F(bleep)K?! Who won the 3rd fall?!”

::As both men continue to stay down, referee Hirks grabs the arm of Manchester and raises it into the air. Referee Bates grabs hold of Jason’s arm and raises it into the air.::

WC: “I have no idea what to think. Derek tapped out first.”

BE: “I am so clueless here except it was Cashe who tapped first.”

::Both referee’s are in each other’s face arguing now as both men have managed to at least get to a corner. As the camera pans in you can hear the referee’s just going crazy with each other. Suddenly, we see Lonnie “Camshaft” Varlowe and Wyatt Dupree come sprinting down to ringside.”

BE: “Well hopefully our bosses can shed some light here. There has to be a winner and I don’t think either of these two want to continue.”

::Dupree, Varlowe, Hirks and Bates stand in the middle of the ring having a heated discussion as Cashe walks up because he simply cannot wait any longer. Manchester, not about to be shown up, approaches the circle too and both men shove each other out of the way. Just about as things are about to kick off again, we see Bates leave the ring as Varlowe, Dupree, and Hirks raise the arm of Derek Manchester.::


::Cashe shakes his head in disbelief. As he starts to turn and leave, “Hair of the Dog” begins playing as Derek begins to celebrate.::

WC: “This is bullshit.”

BE: “Wilma, Clayton was assigned to this match. We all appreciate Jessie coming in but at the end of the day, Clayton saw Cashe tapping out first.”

::As Dupree and Varlowe exit the ring, Derek ascends to the second rope and raises his arms into the air. He celebrates with the crowd when suddenly he is blasted in the back with a steel chair from Jason Cashe. Manchester falls forward but Cash pulls his head back and drops him with a neckbreaker to the mat. Jason puts the boots to Derek and once finished with that he turns towards Derek’s legs and starts unlacing his wrestling boot. He rips the boot off and starts to beat Derek in the face with his own wrestling boot. Cashe stands up and throws the belt out into the crowd and grabs the steel chair, placing it in the middle of the ring. He grabs Derek and places his head between his legs reverse style and grabs his arms, holding up there. He jumps into the air and delivers a reverse Pedigree onto the steel chair, hitting Derek with his own finisher!::


WC: “Serves him right. Jason Cashe was simply f(bleep)ked out of a win here tonight.”

::Cashe looks down at Derek and smirks. Jason raises his arm into the air and exits the ring. As he heads up the ramp, he receives a split 50/50 from the crowd before disappearing behind the curtain as the scene cuts to commercial.::

::We return from commercial break at ring-side, getting ready for our 5th bout of the evening when suddenly the JumboTron roars to life. Big Letters fill the screen saying “ EARLIER TONIGHT”  A limo pulls up and the driver gets out and opens the back door to have Shawn and Eryn get out of the Limo. Shawn is in a full suit with the IWS Rising Star title draped over his shoulder. Eryn is in a sparkling black dress. The Camera pans in on Shawn who kisses Eryn on the hand and motions for her to go own. ::

Shawn: “Can’t even wait for me to get into the building. I mean I get it, I am the biggest thing to happen to this company since its inception. Here is the deal I am busy, I have to get ready for my match, I have to mentally prepare to do battle with another champion here in IWS ok.”

::Shawn gets ready to walk by the camera when he stops and looks at the camera and smirks.::

Shawn: “You know what though, The fact of the matter is this. This company needs me to be the poster boy it so desperately needs. It needs me to take this company and raise its level of notoriety. That is my charge. I already have a piece of gold to prove I am one of the best that this company has to offer. But what good is a champion if he isn’t defending it giving these rookies a chance at glory? Who would I be to not set this title up to be a springboard to greater things? So here is what I am going to do. I am going to throw down an open challenge. If anyone in this company thinks they can take my title, well just let the bosses know. They can set it up. I will knock each and every one of you down one at a time. The facts are simple I am the essence of excellence no one in this company can hang with me in that ring. One of the few exceptions is doing battle with me tonight. The fact is I respect our tag champs. Win or lose they are two guys that can handle their business inside the ring, and I respect that. So tonight Andras and I put on a wrestling clinic on what real wrestling looks like. After that the bosses will line up people that I will rip through one after another. I will prove without a shadow of a doubt why I am the rising star champion. That is because I am the only rising star on this damn roster.”

:: With that Shawn brushes past the camera and into the stadium. The Tron powers down as the switch view to the announce table.::

BE: “Earlier words from Shawn Roberts. And he is actually next on the card here.”

Andras vs Shawn Roberts

::The arena goes dark as A Touch of Evil by Judas Priest begins to play. Smoke fills the entrance ramp as blue, green and purple lights pulse. Andras steps through the smoke first wearing a black and purple velvet robe. His hood is pulled up over his head and his face is concealed by a golden smiling skull mask. Shax steps out of his brother’s shadow wearing a jack made of leather and chains, a steel grey skull mask with a horn designed to match his mohawk sprouting from the front. Shax looks around at the crowd booing him, but Andras seems either oblivious or unfazed by the reaction. The pair walk to the ring at their own pace. Andras enters first, stepping through the ropes. He lowers his hood and removes his mask to reveal a long ponytail in the same shades of purple and blue as the lights as well as a set of dead eyes. Shax leapfrogs over the top rope and drops to one knee in front of his brother. He removes his mask and flashes a sinister smile at the camera.::

WC: “Here comes our IWS World Tag Team Champions Shax and Andras: The Lost Legion.”

BE: “There will be no tags tonight though.”

WC: “No tonight’s match will be near perfect Andras and Roberts one for the ages.”

:: Shawn Roberts walks out to the top of the ramp with a gorgeous blond on his arm. The women raises his hand and points to him as he poses at the top of the ramp. Roberts walks down the ring chomping on gum as he goes. he slides into the ring and then holds the ropes for his valet. He then poses in the middle of the ring with the valet standing behind him. ::

BE: “Here is a guy who will sink to the lowest level of human decency to win.”

WC: “But the last word is the most important Bob he wins! History is written by the victors.”

BE: “It is a shame our title is tarnished by the likes of him.”


:: The match starts as Roberts and Andras circle each other in the ring. Roberts starts to slowly reach out to lock up when Andras kicks him in the gut doubling him over. Andras grabs Roberts in a standing side headlock and wrenches down. Shawn tries to power up pushing the arm up. Andras has none of that though. He lets out a primal roar and brings the standing side headlock back into place. Shawn tries an elbow to the side to no effect, then a second and a third. Andras rocks back a small amount with the third. Shawn then drives the two back into the ropes and pushes Andras off. Roberts hits the ground as Andras bounces off and hops over the downed Shawn. Shawn gets to his feet as Andras keeps up the full head of steam and hits the ropes and comes back again. This time Shawn leap frogs the larger man. Shawn lands and turns around and catches a large clothesline from a charging Andras. The momentum flips Shawn over and onto the mat. Andras goes for a pin.::




WC: “What a start.”

::Andras wastes no time picking up Shawn and nailing him with another clothesline. He then picks him up again and sets him up for a suplex that Roberts floats over before he can hit the move. Roberts pulls Evil down for a reverse DDT. Evil powers up though flipping Roberts over him. Shawn lands on his feet and then jumps backwards with a Pele kick and both men are down rolling around.::

WC: “Roberts is doing what he has to just to survive.”

BE: “Andras is like a bull in a china chop just full speed ahead with no cause for concern.”

WC: “Normally I like that. Today I am torn.”

::Roberts rolls out of the ring to try and gather himself. Andras rolls out after him. Andras picks up the rising star champ and does an Irish whip toward the guard rail. Shawn reverses it and is pushing Andras toward the guard rail. Andras reverses it again and slings Shawn full speed into the guard rail. Shawn hits the ground and is writhing in pain. Shawn’s wife flies to his side as Andras wiggles his finger and backs her up. The ref starts to tell Andras to leave her alone and is looking at them as Shax picks up Shawn and whips him into the turnbuckle face first. Shax walks away jawing with some fans as the ref has got Andras into the ring. The ref turns around and sees Shawn still on the ground on the outside and starts his count.::

WC: “I love how Shax took advantage but I also feel bad for our champion.”

BE: “I don’t feel bad for that cheater. Karma”

WC: “Andras won’t give quarter Shawn might be wise to just stay down outside of the ring.”

::The ref reaches a count of eight as Shawn rolls back into the ring. Andras like a shark to blood picks up Shawn and goes right into a wrenching arm bar. Andras then goes under and torques the arm for a bit more pain. The tag champ then sends Shawn into the ropes and when he comes off land a discuss lariat onto Roberts sending him to the ground.::

WC: “Just stay down Shawn!”

::Andras drops and hooks the leg much to Shax delight on the outside.::



BE: “And he kicks out! Roberts is showing heart I will give him that.”

WC: “I thought he was smart if he was he would just lose and move on he has nothing to gain in this match.”

BE: “Except honor.”

WC: “Like I said nothing!”

::Andras picks up Shawn and deliver a chop that sends the rising star to the corner. He then delivers another chop that doubles Roberts over. Andras raises Shawn’s head and delivers a third monster chop that sends Shawn to the ground. Andras is quick to the knee behind Shawn putting  a knee into the sitting back of Roberts. He has his arms around Shawn’s chin and is rearing back. Shawn’s feet are kicking in pain but he refuses to quit when the ref asks. Andras wrenches back one last time then releases Shawn to the side. Andras picks up Shawn and places him into a side headlock again. Shawn delivers multiple elbows until he gets out of the side headlock. Andras is doubled over and rises to Roberts sending him into the ropes. Andras  delivers a shoulder block sending Shawn to the ground. He picks up Roberts who rakes the eyes of Andras who bends over his hands over his eyes. Shawn gets to his feet and kicks Andras doubling him over and hits a desperation ddt onto the tag champ. Both men are on the ground once again.::

WC: “Shawn is starting to get some offense in.”

BE: “I hate to admit it but he does have heart.”

WC: “So you like him?”

BE: “Let’s not get crazy I don’t think he should be a champion here. Anyone who has to use low blows to win shouldn’t be in this sport.”

::Shawn is the first to his feet as he urges Andras to his feet. Andras gets up a bit groggy and catches a running swinging neck breaker from Roberts. Roberts quickly picks up Andras and slings him into the corner. Andras hits back first into the corner. Shawn rushes and lands a running corner clothesline through the top and middle ropes. Shawn looks out into the crowd glaring as he gets back into the ring. Andras gets back to his knees and catches a big boot from Shawn sending the tag champ to the ground. Shawn goes for the pin.::



BE: “KICK OUT!!!! Andras isn’t even close to being out.”

WC: “This has been a classic match both men are showing why they are champions here in IWS.”

::Shawn picks up Andras who drives a punch to Shawn’s stomach. Then both men hit the ropes and come at each other. Shawn ducks a running clothesline from Andras. Both men hit the ropes again. Then when they come back they both leave the mat and hits each other with flying cross body blocks. Both men are down and rolling around in pain.::

WC: “This is wrestling!”

::Roberts is the first one to get to his feet as Andras isn’t far behind. Andras shoots his brother Shax a look on the outside and they share a nod. Shax instantly hops up onto the ring apron, distracting the referee. Andras reaches into his tights and attempts to pull-out a hidden weapon but is spun around by Roberts and dropped with a double-arm DDT. Roberts throws both arms into the air, playing to the crowd that hates the cocky bastard with a passion. He stands there in waiting as Andras slowly gets to his feet. Shawn rushes in and hits the “Skull Crushing Finale”, pounding Andras into the mat. He rolls him over and covers him, hooking the near leg tight.::






::”Duck and Run” by 3 Doors Down starts blaring as the referee raises Roberts hand in the ring. He quickly gathers his IWS Rising Star title and slides out of the ring as Shax climbs in to check on his brother Andras.::

BE: “Shawn Roberts….the little son of a bitch…he defeated Andras….cleanly too.”

WC: “I know both these guys are “bad guys” or whatever, but man how can you not enjoy that match as a wrestling fan? Amazing. Andras has nothing to be disappointed about. Tonight Roberts just wanted it a little bit more.”

::Roberts, walking backwards up the ramp, stares down at the ring as Shax continues checking on his brother. Roberts hoists the IWS Rising Star title overhead as the scene fades to commercial.::

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::We return from commercial break inside the office of Lonnie “Camshaft” Varlowe. His best friend and business partner, Wyatt Dupree is seated across from him.::

LCV: “Rumour going around that “Pretty Boy” Ricky Stanton has some of his people in the house tonight. You know, with his connections and where his business is at that could do wonders for us. Just saying, we talk all the time about expansion and investments and so on. We both have good feelings, sometimes we both have mixed feelings.”

WD: “I hear you dude. I haven’t personally been out in the crowd tonight and I know you haven’t either. It’s just been crazy. But, yeah I heard that rumour too.”

LCV: “I haven’t public announced the deal with James Remy yet but it’s all over Twitter. He’s coming in to work a few spots shows here or there. But it won’t be for at least another Ground Zero episode or two.”

::Wyatt checks his phone.::

WD: “I better go get changed out of this suit and into some training pants and a referee shirt. Hey, have you seen JT Saint around?”

LCV: “He is our biggest draw, our biggest investment. I’m giving him a lot of flexibility lately while he tries to rehab and come back. He says he’s cleared or almost cleared but I’m not rushing him. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him and I am keeping my ass backstage the rest of the night.”

::The two childhood best friends and business partners share a laugh.::

LCV: “No, really. I don’t want Creed claiming I had anything to do with him losing his World title in his first defense.”

WD: “Haha. Alright. Well, I guess I’ll see you after the show. If you leave before I do…”

LCV: “Yeah, I know. This time it’s your garage and I bring the case of Budweiser and we’ll lay out the card for the next Ground Zero. Go get ready, and remember…referee this thing right down the middle.”

::The scene fades to ring-side.::

Deimos vs Grim Reaper

BE: “What a powerhouse this next match up should be. We have the beast they call Deimos going up against the tank known as Grim Reaper. These two fellas are both serious headcases.”

WC: “You don’t say Bob? Just looking at them you can tell something is wrong with both of them! It’s like a showdown between Michael Myers and Jason, I honestly have no clue how this one will play out.”

::The sound of a loud bang goes off through the venue, as a flashing red light blinds everyone in the crowd. As “Veil of Fire” by CFO$ blares throughout the speakers. The crowd makes it to their feet, as the 6’10 monster makes his way down the ramp. He slowly makes his way up the stairs, and lifts one foot over the top rope followed by the other. As he awaits Deimos to make his way to the ring::

BE: “This guy weirds me out sometimes.”

::The lights in the IWS venue grow dim as the crowd falls to an almost whisper. BUM! BUM! A sound of a heartbeat echoes. BUM! BUM! Then rising from what seems to be monks through the speakers, the sound of humming can be heard. BUM! BUM! This time the beats are paired with deep red flashes of light. On the stage stands a man, seen visible momentarily through the lights. Then it all stops. And as a red spotlight begins to brighten, focusing in on Aiden Deimos who stands in the middle of the stage, the “Get Up” by Korn rises with it. He throws off his hood and extends his arms outward, soaking in the rain of boos that seem to only fuel him::

BE: “This dude is  weighing in at 273 pounds, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall. From the Shadows, he is THE FINAL OMEN…DEIMOS!”

::As if the words brought him to life he begins his way down the ramp. Members of the crowd holding signs that read “F*** Salvation”, “Follow What Path”, shove the pieces of paper in his face. He looks over and sees a sign for Grim Reaper he reaches out and tears it away from them. Holds it out in front of him and rips it in half, dropping it to the floor, and stepping on it as he makes his way to ringside. He stands at the bottom of the steel steps and looks up at the ring, as if it was some type of holy ground. He slowly begins to stomp his way up the steps and along the apron. Before entering the ring he wipes his feet on the apron, then slithers through the ropes. He makes his way to a corner, looking at the stage and sits down, crossing his legs in front of him.::

::Referee Gramps looks over both men with a skittish look, then he turns around and signals for the bell::


BE: “Let this battle of the beasts begin!”

::The two behemoths meet in the middle of the ring. They just stare at each other at the beginning, but Grim makes the first move. He meets the face of Deimos with a right open hand slap, which doesn’t look to effect Deimos. Deimos comes back with multiple right and left punches to the face of Grim, which causes Grim to stumble backwards. Deimos charges, and spears Grim into the corner. Deimos charges to the opposite corner, where he runs full speed and crashes into Grim with a body avalanche. Grim still on his feet, bounces from the corner where he is met with a feint superkick from Deimos!::

BE: “Deimos seems to be toying with Grim, I have no clue how that is possible, but the big red machine looks out of it.”

WC: “Deimos is a different kind of monster Bob, the dude is something else.”

::Deimo pulls Grim up to his feet, where he sets up for Blood Omen, but Grim manages to escape, surprising Deimos! Grim hits Deimos with a kick to the groin area, Grim whips Deimos against the ropes, where he delivers a sidewalk slam to Deimos! Grim goes for the roll up::



WC: “Kick Out by Deimos!”

BE: “If Grim thought that was enough to keep the monster down, he is in for a rude awakening!”

WC: “I agree for once Bob, that ain’t gonna do it.”

::Grim pulls Deimos up to his feet, where he grabs the throat of Deimos, looking to set up for the chokeslam! But Deimos throws an elbow and connects to the head of Grim, causing Grim to let go of the hold. All of a Sudden, the lights go out! The sound of a chair hitting a body, followed by the sound of a body hitting the mat can be heard. The lights turn back on, where we find JT Saint smirking outside of the ring!::

BE: “What the hell is JT Saint doing here?! He has returned!”

WC: “Well Bob, Deimos is the reason JT has been hurt, AND the reason he had to give up his IWS title!”

::Inside of the ring, Grim looks confused, but wastes no time, as he pulls Deimos back to his feet once again. He swats the hair out of his eyes, as he grips his hand around the throat of Deimos, who is still out of it. Grim lifts Deimos up into the air, and comes down hard with one hell of a chokeslam! Grim drops down to the mat where he goes for the pin::





BE: “Grim Reaper has pulled the upset this evening Wilma. Albeit with the help of JT Saint, but nonetheless it still counts as a win for Grim Reaper. This could be huge for his career!”

WC: “We haven’t seen Deimos on the opposite side of an attack since he has arrived her at IWS! Wow, what a smart move by JT Saint.”

::As Reaper’s music starts to play, he quickly exits the ring. He disappears behind the curtain as Deimos gets to his feet in the middle of the ring. He flashes a haunting, scary look on his face. Suddenly the lights black out in the IWS Arena…after a few seconds they turn back on but Deimos is gone. As the crowd buzzes, the scene fades to commercial.::

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::After commercial break, we find Barnaby Barnes standing with the IWS champion, Creed::

BB: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be able to speak with my guest this evening. Good evening Creed, how are you doing sir?”

Creed: “I’m doing great Barnaby, thanks for asking. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t have a lot of time, as you know my match is up next.”

BB: “Very well Creed, let’s see here, tonight you go one on one with Jan van der Roost, the same man you won the IWS title from. How do you see this match playing out?”

Creed: “Well Barn, I see it playing out exactly how it did at Prophecy, with me walking out champion. I’ve beat Roost once, and I have no problem doing it once again here tonight.”

BB: “Good to hear, good to hear. Now, as we just saw from the match before, JT Saint is in the building, do you have any worries of him interfering with your match this evening?”

Creed: “Honestly bud, I go into every match expecting to somehow be fucked over. Whether that be Varlowe or Saint, or hell anyone else backstage. It’s become natural, so I just have to play it by ear. If Saint wants to have to worry about Deimos AND Creed? Then so be it. I just don’t think that’s the brightest idea, but hey he never really seemed like a “smart” kind of guy anyways.”

BB: “I don’t want to keep you hear much longer, so, do you have any last words before your match?”

Creed: “Not really Barn. I’m sure this is where normal people would be like, good luck Roost, but honestly, I hope he never has any good luck the rest of his life. I mean, looking at his age, this might be his last hoorah wouldn’t you say? I would imagine once I kick his ass once again, and squash any idea of taking my title away, he will scurry back to his little wrestling school, where he gets off performing belly to back suplexes on the younger talent. Quite creepy if you ask me, but to each their own.”

BB: “Well ladies and gentlemen, you have just heard from our IWS champion Creed, where he had harsh words for Roost and Saint. I wish him nothing but the best as he goes out and defends his IWS championship…coming up next.”

::We are sent to a commercial break, brought to you by the Indianapolis Star::

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Jan van der Roost vs Creed(IWS World Title Match, Wyatt Dupree Guest Referee)

BE: “Now, for the main event of the evening! This match is for the IWS Heavyweight Championship, as we have the champion Creed, defending his title against Jan van der Roost.”

WC: “Thats right Bob, the old savvy veteran Roost looks to knock off the young stud Creed. Will confidence win, or will the man with experience take the cake? Find out next.”

::“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold blares, as the IWS co-owner Wyatt Dupree steps out from behind the curtain. Sporting the referee shirt, Wyatt struts down the ramp, giving high fives to the kids in the audience on the way down. He slides underneath the bottom rope, and into the ring where he circles around and waves to the audience::

BE: “Our co-owner, Wyatt Dupree will be the special referee for this title match this evening.”

WC: “That’s correct Bob, Wyatt is out here to make sure things are fair for each opponent, and hopefully to keep that scum Varlowe from interrupting this match.”

::The lights dim throughout the arena. A single orange spotlight fades in on the entrance. Jan van der Roost slowly walks out, a pair of orange gloves in one hand, a towel around his neck. He looks towards the ring, then walks ahead, with his head down. He stops , looks at his opponent or the referee, then heads to the steps. He slowly climbs the steps then stops at the corner. van der Roost places the towel on the turnbuckle, wipes his feet on the apron and climbs through the ropes. He looks up towards the orange spotlight then puts the left glove on. The arena lights come up and he tosses the right glove into the crowd as he awaits the entrance of Creed::

BE: “As per usual, Roost looks in tip top shape for this title bout this evening. After letting the opportunity at IWS: Prophecy slip between his fingers, he looks to take what he feels is rightfully his away from Creed.”

WC: “He already tried once, and couldn’t get the job done Bob, nothing I have seen so far has changed my mind that this one won’t end up the same.”

::”King of Kings” starts playing, as the crowd get on their feet, as the IWS champion Creed walks from behind the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp, where he lifts the IWS belt up into the air and shit talks the crowd. The roar of boos fills the venue, as Creed eats it all up. He tosses the belt first into the ring, as he follows it by sliding under the bottom rope. Now inside of the ring, he holds up the title one last time, and jabbers something towards the direction of Roost. Wyatt Dupree talks to both men over::

WC: “Creed makes it so fun to hate him, that i’m not even sure if these people really hate him, or if they just like feeding his ego.”

BE: “Enough of the small talk Wilma, let’s get this title match started! We are for sure in for one hell of a match.”


::The match begins, and Creed taunts Roost. Roost charges towards Creed, who at the last second moves out the way. Roost once again heads for Creed, but Creed catches him off guard with a drop toe hold. Roost quickly makes it back to his feet. The two men circle each other in the middle of the ring, both looking for an opportunity. The two men get into a shoving match, with Roost taking the upper hand. Roost shoves Creed one good time, sending him into the corner::

BE: “A little bit of an ego match it seems, with Roost winning this one.”

WC: “I never thought I would see the day where the vet got the one up in a good ole shoving match Bob!”

::With Creed still in the corner, Roost hits Creed with a european uppercut, which leaves Creed dazed in the corner. Creed stumbles away from the corner, where he is met with a swinging neckbreaker from Roost. Roost goes for the quick roll up hoping to pull out a surprise::



WC: “And a kick out by Creed.”

::Roost lets out a little chuckle, as he was hoping to catch the champion off guard. Creed tries to make it up to his feet, but Roost begins stomping to the back of Creed, not letting him get up. Roost lets the stomping continue, until Creed no longer tries to make it back up. Roost continues the assault, as he jumps onto the back of Creed, and locks in a camel clutch::

::Referee Wyatt Dupree begins asking Creed if he wants to give up, but Creed tells him hell no. Creed begins desperately trying to get to the ropes. Roost keeps the grip locked in though, as Creed begins looking like he’s going to tap out. Creed begins shaking his hand, as it looks like he’s going to tap, but at the last moment stretches out his left leg, and finally sets it upon the bottom rope. Dupree begins the count, as Roost is forced to let go::

BE: “Roost almost had Creed tapping out after that vicious camel clutch. How does the body even bend like that?!”

WC: “Well, when you aren’t fat and lazy like yourself, your body is able to stretch like that Bob. These guys are in very very good shape!”

::Creed is in agony, as Roost continues with a couple of stomps to the back of Creed. Roost flips Creed over on his back, as he mounts on top of him and begins laying right and left hand punches to the head area of Creed, as Creed tries to defend himself. Right as Roost makes it to his feet, Creed grabs Roost and rolls him up with a small package::



BE: “And JVD with the kick out.”

WC: “Creed was a second away from getting a quick pin on Roost, but it wasn’t enough!”

BE: “You can’t even underestimate the King Wilma!”

::Creed somehow makes it to his feet first, as he leaps and lands an enziguri to Roost, leaving him dazed. Creed irish whips Roost against the ropes, as Roost bounces off he is met with a flapjack by Creed, as Roost lands face first down on the mat. Creed looks set, as he begins stomping his boot to the mat, letting the crowd know that it’s about to be time for Kick Rocks::

BE: “This doesn’t look good for Roost, as Creed is about to stomp his face onto the mat!”

WC: “Roost has no idea what’s about to happen!”

::Right as Creed is about to punt kick Roost, “Runnin and Gunnin” screams through the venue, as co-owner Lonnie Varlowe comes from behind the curtains. He fast walks down the ramp, and to the ring, where Wyatt Dupree meets him. The two begin arguing outside of the ring::

WC: “That piece of shit Varlowe really can’t help himself from interfering with Creed’s match! I don’t know about you Bob, but i’m about over this shit!”

BE: “I mean, Creed was about to finish Roost by the looks of it, but we will never know as Varlowe came out here and interrupted things. Dupree and Varlowe are outside of the ring arguing about it as we speak!”

WC: “He just told Wyatt not an hour ago that he planned on staying backstage.”

::Dupree is begging Varlowe to leave, as he wants this match to be a fair one. The crowd begins cheering, as from the audience we see JT Saint making his way towards the ring! Saint hops over the barricade. Creed doesn’t see Saint, as he picks Roost up and prepares for the C4! Saint slides into the ring, where he sets up for a superkick! He goes to deliver the kick to the head of Creed, but Creed sees it coming at the last second, and moves out of the way! Saint’s superkick ends up connects with Roost, who is now laid out on the mat. Saint, now pissed that he ended up kicking the wrong person, slides out of the ring, right as Dupree turns his head back around. Dupree slides back into the ring, as Creed rolls up Roost for the pin, pulling on the tights of Roost::





::”King of Kings” by Motorhead starts to play as Creed pops to his feet celebrating like he just won the world biggest lotto jackpot. As the Wyatt Dupree raises the hand of Creed and hands him the belt, he grins like a Cheshire cat.::

BE: “What the hell just happened Wilma? Varlowe came down to the ring to distract Dupree, while Saint snuck into the ring to superkick Creed, which backfired and ended up hitting Roost. WHAT THE HELL!”

WC: “Well, once again it looks as if Varlowe’s plan backfired. Even with Varlowe and Saint, Creed still somehow found a way to win, even if that meant pulling up on the tights of Roost!”

::Inside the ring, Creed continues to celebrate as Varlowe steps into the ring. Lonnie and Wyatt Dupree begin arguing again as Creed walks up to Varlowe and blows him a kiss. Lonnie charges at Creed but ends up getting clotheslined in the back of the head.::


BE: “Wyatt Dupree just clotheslined his best friend and business partner?”

::Creed stands there, completely shocked by what just happened. Wyatt looks at the IWS World Champion and gives him a fist bump, letting him know those two are good with each other. Wyatt leans down and whispers something to Lonnie Varlowe who is still motionless on the mat. Across the ring, Jan van der Roost is back on his feet and glaring at everyone involved. Dupree points at Creed and holds up his index finger and says the word ‘one’ in the direction of Jan.”::

BE: “I have no idea what happened. What does that mean? “One what, Wyatt?

WC: “Wow! What a night! What a Ground Zero! We are out of time!”

BE: “Folks for Wilma Cooks, I’m Bob Eisen. So is Wyatt aligned with Creed or is he tired of Lonnie’s shit?!”

WC: “I have no idea. But we gotta go dickhead…”

BE: “Goodnight everyone!”

::As the building is rocking and the crowd is going wild, the scene fades out with Wyatt Dupree and Creed heading up the ramp with Creed lifting the IWS World title high overhead. The IWS logo rolls up the screen….::