OOC: Okay hope you guys enjoyed the month break. I think we all needed it, especially Daniel and I. But its time to get back at it, hopefully we turn the heat back up. LETS KILL IT THIS YEAR!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us promote this place. Many of you said you believe in the concept and how we put shows together. Well show it, help us get more eyes and roleplayers.

Ground Zero 9: Thursday January 17th 2019 

**RP DL is 01/17/2019 @ 1PM EST(12PM CST)

*Match/Seg DL 01/17/2019 @ 6PM EST(5PM CST)

*RP count is minimum of one. Feel free to do a second. Anyone wants to write their match or another feel free. Good luck!!!

**Match 1: Razor Blade vs the returning Luchasaur(If Razor wins he gets his IWS Rising Star title shot)**

**Match 2: Rob Faith vs Brian Larsen**

**Match 3: Latoya Hixx vs Isa Amos**

**Match 4: Andras vs Derek Manchester**

**Match 5: Ian Quinn vs Grim Reaper** 

**Match 6: Adam Arana vs Creed**

**Match 7: Shax vs JT Saint(Extreme Rules)**

****ME: “Champion vs Champion” Shawn Roberts vs JVD(NON-TITLE)****

(SPECIAL APPEARANCES AT THIS EVENT INCLUDE: IWS Women’s Champion Kasey Summers, IWS United States Champion Jason Cashe, Deimos and more….)