Match 1: Kasey Summers vs ???(Womens title open challenge match)

Match 2: James Remy vs Gemma Woods

Match 3: Razor Blade vs Jason Cashe(Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere)

Match 4: Wallace Barr vs Brian Larsen

Match 5: Lost Legion vs Adam Arana and Robbie Gaines

Main Event: Grim Reaper vs Shawn Roberts vs Rooster(Non Rising Star title Triple Threat)

*********Okay guys….Ground Zero 8 will be Tuesday November 13th. So we have a quicker than normal turn around here so we can get our next BIG show in this month. RP deadline is changing for this show…gonna give you guys an extra half day:

RP DL is Tuesday November 13th at 1:00 PM EST(12 CST)

Match/Segs DL is 11/13 at 6PM EST(5PM CST)

RP minimum is one…please feel free to go more. And we always welcome help writing matches.**********