Ground Zero 7 will be on Wednesday 10/31/18.

-RP deadline is Tuesday 10/30 at 11PM EST, 10PM CST
-Match and segment deadline is 10/31 at 6PM, 5PM CST
-Feel free to do more than one roleplay
-Feel write to write a match or send spots

Match 1: Shax vs Razor Blade
Match 2: Brian Larsen vs Robbie Gaines
Match 3: Locke and Keyes vs Ivelisse(Handicap match)
Match 4: Derek Manchester vs Jason Cashe(2/3 Falls, Submission win only in 3rd fall)
Match 5: Andras vs Shawn Roberts(Non-title)
Match 6: Deimos vs Grim Reaper
Match 7: JVD vs Creed-IWS World Title(Guest Referee Wyatt Dupree)

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