OOC: I apologize for what was our show, three days late too, the other day. From a fedhead and writer stand-point it was Daniel and I’s least favorite of the 9 we have done. I have pulled MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR OT and I basically dumped this entire show on him. I typically write the start, end, match finishes…I do a lot to put these together with help from D and some of you. But I’m sorry for the clusterfuck that was Ground Zero 8. So lets forget it…and move on. PLEASE send us segs for the show….

Saturday December 8th 2018 from the IWS Arena.
**RP deadline is 1:00 PM EST(12 PM CST) on 12-8-18 **Match/Seg dealine 6PM EST(5 CST) on 12-8-18 *RP is set at 1 minimum, but you can do more…
**Main Event WILL REQUIRE TWO RP’s per person…
**Send segs, volunteer to write your match or pick up one if you want to help.

Match 1: Isa Amos vs Kelsey Spencer

Match 2:  DEIMOS vs Rob Faith vs Shawn Roberts(Triple Threat for Rising Star title)

Match 3: Razor Blade vs Ian Quinn

Match 4: Cambria vs Kasey Summers(Womens Title)

Match 5: Wallace Barr vs Gordie Strowe Match

6: Adam Arana and Robbie Gaines vs Lost Legion(Tag Team Titles TLC Match) Match

7: Locke and Keyes vs Brian Larsen(2-1 Intergender Handicap match) Match

8: Derek Manchester vs Jason Cashe(Last Man Standing for NEWLY CREATED United States Title)

**Main Event: JT Saint vs Jan van der Roost vs Creed(Steel cage for IWS World Title. Pinfall, submission, or escape from cage**